Yep, Bare Toes.

I think it’s safe to say that your comments on last Thursday’s post had my jaw on the floor as you told me that you wore boots and tights year round no matter how cold it was!  Even though you said you aren’t outside much when it’s cold I was still shocked.  Except now I’m realizing that you also probably use heaters, like smart people.  See, people here for some reason refuse to turn on heaters.  Or maybe that’s just my family.  We are Chinese, and if you know any Chinese people you should know that we are cheap and would rather suck it up and lose a frozen toe than pay for heat.  Anyway, heaters or not, I’m majorly impressed with you guys!
Annnnnd, I also feel kind of bad posting this outfit after hearing about all of your weather.  I know right now some of your jaws on the floor at the sight of my sandals.  It was like 75 degrees this weekend!  Forgive me for rubbing it in with these happy brights and exposed toes.  I had this outfit sitting in my Go Chic or Go Home ensembles for a long time and was excited that the perfect day came to wear it!  I’ve always loved yellow and turquoise together, but in the last year I’ve also grown a love for green and yellow.  Would you ever wear green and yellow together?

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Top: Forever 21 (option 1, option 2)
Cardigan: H&M (option 1, option 2)
Jeans: Old Navy (exact)
Sandals: Target (exact)
Bag: Old Navy
Necklace: World Market

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