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I’m about 4 weeks postpartum and my body has bounced back much, much quicker than I anticipated. I only have 5 lbs of pregnancy weight left to lose (in large part thanks to a modified version of Tim Ferriss’ Slow Carb Diet, which has been Benson’s and my diet for the last 3 and 2 years respectively). BUT one of my major fitness goals post pregnancy isn’t just to lose pregnancy weight, it’s to TONE my body and be in better shape than I was even before I was pregnant.

Now that I’m living the new mom life working out is proving to be tougher than I thought. That’s why I’m excited for a couple of things: 1) getting new workout clothes and 2) teaming up with Jawbone to utilize the new UP24 to help kick me into gear!

Towards the end of pregnancy, out of the entire world of non-maternity clothes on the horizon, what I looked forward to the most was WORKOUT GEAR. What?  Yep.  No joke.

Clothes can really affect your mind and emotions, and I had an itch for colorful (but not too crazy) workout clothes to energize me for a new workout regime.  Below are the pieces I’m finally gonna try:

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Now, for the other half of my fitness motivation: the Jawbone UP24.  (Number 6 shown above.)

First of all, let me say I know I don’t usually talk about non-style things here except maybe on weekends, but I took on this collaboration for a number of reasons: 1) I was going to do a workout clothes post regardless and this fit right in, 2) many, MANY people commented on how I was or wasn’t gaining weight during and after pregnancy and I don’t want you all thinking that I didn’t have to work hard to stay healthy or that you can’t do it too, 3) I’m a long time user of the Jawbone UP so I got excited at the opportunity.  Can you blame a sister?

SO, the UP.  I had the old version of the Jawbone UP for 1.5 years.  It’s a fitness tracker that gives you great insight to your movement and overall health throughout the day.  It tracks your step count and sleep and allows you to log workouts and meals.  It also gives you great little stats, recipes, or interesting health/mind/body facts which I look forward to each day.

Having the UP motivated me to hit a fitness goal of 10,000 steps each day, or the equivalent of 4.5 miles.  The UP was a constant reminder to get up and move, and the fact that something was actively tracking my activity, or lack thereof, was motivation I needed.  Plus, all my UP friends could see my progress so I felt even more accountable.  I established such great habits of walking throughout my day that once I got pregnant I seamlessly continued them throughout pregnancy which helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy weight gain.

(My healthy weight gain was NOT because I’m one of the lucky ones who just doesn’t gain weight no matter what.  I moved a lot thanks to the Jawbone UP and tried to eat well with the modified Slow Carb Diet…plus sweets.  Ha.)

my UP progress in the past

The other side of pregnancy has been a different story.  Fatigue and the need to heal from labor got me out of my walking groove, but with my new UP24 I’m already back in it!  I wore it for the first time earlier this week and hit 10,000 steps immediately–something I was definitely NOT doing since giving birth.  Beyond getting my step count back up, my new goal is for the UP24 to motivate me to do strength training workouts.  And to actually get the workout clothes.  Can’t forget the excuse to shop!  😉  Wish me luck!

Read more about the Jawbone UP24 AND see all the pretty colors it comes in here.

What motivates YOU towards your fitness goals?  

Also, I’m *just* starting to explore the world of workout clothes, which is why they’re basically all from Old Navy.  My current stuff is way outdated and uninspiring.  Any suggestions for other workout clothes?  (INEXPENSIVE ONES, please! 🙂 )

This review was sponsored by Jawbone.  All opinions are mine.  For more info on PMT’s sponsorship policies see disclosure page.

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