The Wonders of a Belt

Day 5 of Kayla’s 21 Day Challenge is “belt it.”  Gladly, Kayla.
I’m guilty of belting basically everything (scroll down to other posts and you’ll see…), but why mess with a good thing?
Let the record show what a simple accessory like a belt can do.  
I was in a hurry and needed a comfortable dress for the day.  Brown cotton jersey that I couldn’t wrinkle even if I wanted to, check.  Cardigan to counter the chilly morning, (even though it’s AUGUST and I live in SAN DIEGO.  C’mon, weather.) Check.  
But once the cardi was on, my outfit became sad and droopy:
Quick!  You’re running late, Audrey.  Fix it, pronto.  Solution?  Throw on a belt.  Bam.  Stand in amazement that one accessory made you no longer look like you’re wearing a sack.  Run out the door. 
Dress: NY & Co.  |  Cardigan: H&M  |  Belt: Forever 21  |  Wedges: Target
…and then get asked why you were so “dressed up.”  For some reason I often get comments about how “dressed up” I am when I’m just wearing a cotton jersey dress.  Sigh.  (That’s where the blog comes in–to connect with people who think wearing a cotton dress is cute, but not abnormal.)  But at least it’s nice to know the belt worked in hiding the fact that I frantically just threw this outfit on.

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