Winter Capsule Wardrobe That Becomes 100+ Outfits! 🤩

Winter Mix and Match Wardrobe

Hello, hello! Today I’m sharing the winter capsule wardrobe for casual and work styles from the PMT Style Club’s winter wardrobe guide. In case you missed it, enrollment for the PMT Style Club opened on Tuesday and closes next week!

With your membership, you’ll access an array of additional style resources and a style community that will help you dress better, develop your personal style, and be motivated to stay out of a rut. You can check out all the member features HERE.

Just ONE of the features you get with your membership is Seasonal Wardrobe & Outfit Guides. They are customizable, done-for-you guides that help you create a cohesive wardrobe, show you how to create 100+ outfits (!!), and even organize the outfits into a weekly outfit calendar so that you don’t have to think about what to wear, all season long!

Today I’m sharing the sample winter capsule wardrobe for casual and work styles, which you can customize to suit your life and style. Hopefully this helps with your winter wardrobe, whether or not you’re not a member of the PMT Style Club!

If you want a walkthrough for how to customize this and want it turned into 45 casual + 45 work + 15 date + 5 athleisure looks, join the PMT Style Club and join before enrollment closes on 1/19.

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Onto the winter capsule wardrobe!


Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s the winter capsule wardrobe list from the PMT Style Club! It’s built for both casual and work styles. You can skip the work recs if you only need casual style and vice versa. You can adjust this to your style by ignoring the clothing images shown and just going with the text descriptions underneath. The awesome part is that the corresponding outfits in the PMT Style Club’s outfit guide can still work with your prints/colors/styles of preference. Cool, huh?

Sizing Reference: I’m 5’6″ and usually 6 or S/M in clothes, 8.5 to 9 in shoes. If I’ve tried an item, I noted in parenthesis which size fits me.

Most items linked are the exact shown in collage, but some are “similar” if the one shown is now sold out.

Also BTW, when you join the PMT Style Club, you’ll access a bigger database of links with multiple options for each piece and includes straight and plus-size options.

Mix and Match Wardrobe for Winter Casual and Work Attire

Some of the tops show a casual option and a work option. Blazers are also for workwear. So, if you don’t need business casual clothes, you can skip all of those.

As for the pants, the first 6 (up to the brown pants) and the optional leggings and joggers are for casual style. The other 6 are for workwear. If you don’t need business casual clothes, skip the workwear pants.



ROW 1:
black sweater #1
(S)| black sweater #2 (S) | white sweater #1 | white sweater #2 | brown sweater (M) | tan turtleneck  | grey top | red sweater (S)

ROW 2:
green sweater | green blouse | red printed blouse | tan printed blouse (S) | “thankful” sweatshirt | fair isle sweater (S) | navy pine tree sweatshirt | blue sweater

ROW 3:
tan striped top | black striped top (M) | black plaid flannel | black dot blouse | cream henley top | white blouse  | tan fleece zip-up (XS) | cream fleece zip-up

ROW 4:
cream cardigan | black cardigan | tan sweater blazer | black blazer | dark skinny jeans (4) | medium jeans (6) | light jeans | black jeans (6)

ROW 5:
white jeans | tan cords (6/28) | black pants #1  | black pants #2 (6) | navy pants | grey pants (M) | olive pants | maroon pants (M) | checkered pants  | leggings (M) | joggers (S)


I hope this helps you create a cohesive wardrobe that you can feel stylish in for the rest of winter!

And remember, if you want help knowing how to customize this capsule to your own tastes, develop your personal style, and have all of your outfits planned by me for the season, join the PMT Style Club before 1/19!

If you DO become a member, you’ll also get:

  • wardrobe strategy and a detailed walkthrough to help you customize this capsule to your own tastes
  • access to a large database of shopping links with straight and plus-size options
  • 45 casual outfits, 45 work outfits, 15 date night outfits, and some athleisure outfits from this capsule (over 100 outfits!)
  • weekly outfit calendars so that you’re never wondering what to wear
  • style classes that teach how to create a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle, dress your body type, and make every outfit look good
  • monthly live Q&A sessions with me to ask any and all of your personal style questions so that you can really figure out your wardrobe and style
  • workshops with expert stylists (we hire the pros so that you don’t have to!)
  • quarterly style club challenges to motivate you
  • a private community of style-minded women like you
  • and more to help you develop your personal style, love your wardrobe, and feel your best

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