Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2019

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

In need of some winter wardrobe inspiration?  Maybe this winter capsule wardrobe will help you out!

This is the winter capsule wardrobe we’re using for the PMT Winter Challenge, which opened for registration a couple of weeks ago and officially begins on January 7th!  If you join, you’ll see this capsule wardrobe turned into 48 outfits, have your outfits planned for the next 5 weeks so that you don’t have to think about what to wear, and get great practice remixing your wardrobe.  Lastly, you’ll get access to the private PMT Challenges Facebook group which is full of down-to-earth women who are kind, caring, and encouraging.  It’s such a great community to learn about style in!  Here’s what some women have been saying about the challenges:

“What I love about PMT is how easy and versatile Audrey made it!  [referring to two selfies]  First pic is how I would leave this outfit pre-PMT.  Second pic is based on [the Day 14 outfit].  A few small changes looks so much more put together!”

“I was walking around at a fall festival tonight and I kept seeing women who looked very PMT.  After a while i realized that they probably weren’t PMTers at all, they’re just women who already know what I didn’t before… the idea of certain outfit formulas, put together with key basics, and then one or two special pieces that give the outfit a punch.  It was like a light bulb came on for me, lol.  Before, I would have seen an outfit I liked and admired, but I would have had no idea how to recreate it.  Or I would have thought I would have to go out and buy all of those exact pieces.  Now I think ‘hmmm, striped shirt, utility vest, jeans, and she bookended red sneakers and a red scarf… I can do that!’ A big thank you to Audrey and to all the other challenge participants for helping me to finally connect the dots!”

“I love that this challenge gives me ‘permission’ to put outfits together.  As a stay at home mom I’ve fallen into a rut of wearing basics without much thought.  I feel dressed up today for my agenda (Target, decorating, after school play date, etc) but I also feel confident!!!”

If you’re interested, register for the Winter Challenge HERE!


Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s the capsule wardrobe list we’re using for the Winter Challenge!  I only linked to one option for each item, and many may be sold out by now.  (Women who’ve already signed up for the challenge have been shopping the links for 2 weeks already, plus I shared this last week with everyone who is subscribed to PMT Emails.)  But don’t worry, if you join the challenge you’ll also get a wardrobe and shopping guide that has 4-8 more options for each of these items in case the style, shapes, etc. don’t work for you–including options for petite and plus sizes.

But more importantly, my capsule lists for PMT Challenges are never meant to be taken super specifically, meaning you don’t need the exact pieces for the outfits to work.  Under the pieces I sometimes wrote general descriptions like “neutral solid sweater” instead of “tan sweater,” so that you could adapt the colors, prints, or styles to ones you prefer.  Take this list loosely and adapt it however works for you!

Also, if you are in colder climates, go for thicker sweaters that fit the general descriptions.  If you’re in warmer climates, go for thinner sweaters that fit the descriptions.  Again, this is meant to be a big-picture guide to point you in the right direction, and it’s up to you to choose specific pieces that work better for you.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Shop the Items:
striped tee / white plaid / red plaid / black plaid / purple print
tan sweater / black sweater / green sweater / printed sweater / cream sweater
white vest / black vest / grey blazer / maroon cardi / black cardi / tan cardi
jeans / black jeans / grey  jeans / olive jeans / maroon jeans
printed dress / chambray dress
black scarf / cream scarf / grey scarf / mustard scarf / maroon scarf
gold necklace / crystal circle necklace / pendant / black watch / tan watch
tan cutout earrings / metallic earrings / white earrings
tan boots / black boots / taupe boots / loafers / leopard flats





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