Wine and Berries

Top: Old Navy ($7.50)  |  Belt:  Forever 21 ($2.50)  |  Jeans: NY & Co. ($45) 
Flats: Gap Outlet ($20) |  Purse: Target ($37)

So it was clear from my Mauve post that I need a lesson in colors.  (Thank you all for edjumakating me.)  And don’t worry, I know that this purse and these flats ain’t mauve.  I’ve had this bag for 2.5 years and these flats for 4.5 years, and they’re some of my favorite fall items.  Though my purse might look brown on some of your screens, it’s a beautiful dark wine color and these flats are berry.  I don’t know if those colors are on trend for fall this year, but they’re always going to be my personal favorites!  Trend schmend.
Another one that’s making its way up there on my fall list (and summer and spring and winter…since San Diego doesn’t have a real winter) is mustard yellow!  Love it!  I’m curious to hear your favorite fall colors?
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