Win a custom iPhone case from Christine Marie B!

Whoaaa–kay.  Talk about cuteness.  Sorry for everyone who doesn’t have an iPhone because these cases from Christine Marie B are super cute.  
Christine Marie B is an Etsy shop with cases for iPhone 4 and 4s and iPhone 5 as well as made-to-order cases, plus iPad cases.
But if you’re not drinking the Apple juice (bahaha, I did not intend that pun but once it came out I felt nothing but pride)…Christine Marie B also has ADORABLE handmade stamps and some stationery!  
You’ve got a chance to win a free iPhone case this week!  Enter below with Rafflecopter.  Ships only to US and Canada.

If you want something besides an iPhone case, like an iPad case or a handmade stamp use code PUTTINGMETOGETHER for 10% off your order!  Code valid until 6/30/13.  

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