Win $50 to Caroline G! (open int’l)

Got a great giveaway for you this week!  Caroline G. carries some of my favorite types of statement necklaces and they’re giving you a chance to win $50 to buy whatever you want!

As a side note, Caroline G.‘s shop owner, Carrie, is an absolute sweetheart.  I’ve been following her on Instagram for the last month and have been tremendously inspired by her.  When she has a bad day, instead of sulking by herself or complaining, she’ll do stuff like write encouraging cards to others or buy balloons from the dollar store and pass them out to strangers.  She’s committed to loving others in any way that she can.

Not only does Carrie host giveaways for her shop, but she recently ran a giveaway for $100 through PayPal knowing that holidays can be stressful for many families, and what I loved was that instead of you pocketing $100 for yourself, you were supposed to nominate one of your friends who you think needs and deserves $100.  It was incredible to read people say wonderful and encouraging things about their friends, and it was a fantastic way to bless others!

I do looooove Caroline G’s necklaces, but I also really support the woman behind the shop.  ANYWAY, I’ll stop getting all gushy on you and let you enter the giveaway!

UPDATE:  Ohmigosh, I forgot to post this also: receive 50% off with code PMT50!!!

Wearing a piece from Caroline G!

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