Win $100 to White Plum + 25% Off!

Welcome back to real life from a weekend of stuffing your faces and shopping online.  But don’t worry–to soften the blow we are gonna start this week off with a giveaway to one of my favorite shops, White Plum!  Woohoo!
I’ve talked about White Plum before (HERE and HERE), but in case you missed it, White Plum is an online shop with very, very cute and unique pieces to add a little personality to your wardrobe.  Some of my favorite pieces come from White Plum, like my crochet shoulder maxi dress and taupe booties.

Today I’m gonna show you a couple more pieces from White Plum, plus give you a chance to win $100 store credit!

Frankie Striped Cardigan
As if you could make stripes better…elbow patches.  Enough said.  This cardigan is soft and comfy, and elbow patches gives it that extra character to make a cute cardigan even cuter!

Solid Fleece Lined Leggings
Pretty often I get asked about cold weather styling which is surprising given that I live in San Diego.  But once in a while I have some stuff to share, and fleece lined leggings are one of them!

Once I discovered fleece lined tights and leggings it opened up a wiiiide variety of dress possibilities in colder weather.  They keep your legs nice and warm, and they’re soft and fuzzy–and who wouldn’t want that?!

For a long time I could only find fleece leggings in neutral colors, but I’m delighted that White Plum has them in 7 different colors, including maroon and forest green!  AND, they’re a whopping 65% off right now!!!

White Plum is giving you a chance to win $100 to their shop!  Enter through the Rafflecopter below.  You can also use code PMTHOLIDAY25 for 25% off your order until 12/5!  

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