Why You Should Craft Your Wardrobe With Purpose & How It Makes Your Life Better

How a Purposeful Wardrobe Makes Your Life Better

How a Purposeful Wardrobe Makes Your Life Better

It’s a new season and a new year, which is a great time to start fresh with your wardrobe! This year, I really want to help you reset your wardrobe, but rather than starting out by talking about clothes to buy, I want to start by talking about how you think about your wardrobe. More specifically, I want to help you all build your wardrobes with more intentionality and purpose! Nothing bad ever came from a little intentionality and purpose, right? 😊

I think we’ve all experienced lots of changes over the last couple of years, like changes in lifestyles, work environments, roles at work, roles at home, and health, just to name a few. And I know lots of changes, especially in a short span of time, can throw off your groove and get you out of your best practices in many aspects of life, including style.

I mean, did any of you do any panic-shopping during the last couple of years? 😆 You know, maybe all of a sudden you realized you needed better casual options for being at home, so you quickly bought whatever you could without a lot of thought just so you could have clothes to wear. Or all of a sudden you found yourself needing different clothes to work from home in, so you quickly bought some things and kept whatever fit, even if they’re not your favorite. And then all of a sudden you needed clothes to go back to work in a new setting or a new role and you bought even more clothes that you’re not quite sure you love but at least they kept you from being naked! 😂 And now, thanks to all of those urgent rounds of shopping, your closet is kind of a hot mess bubbling over with clothes (that you’re not even sure you really like)! 😩😅

Well, NO SHAME, friends—we can blame the pandemic for all of that! And, even if your closet was a hot mess before the pandemic, just take the excuse and blame it on that anyway, okay? 😉

But, before you dive head first into a new year and continue down the same path, letting a crazy closet become even more chaotic, I thought it’d be good to offer a space for you to step back, reset your approach to your wardrobe, and get re-anchored in how you want your wardrobe to serve you. I want to invite us out of the mode of on-the-fly shopping and into building a wardrobe with more thought, intentionality, and sense of purpose. Let’s move forward with your wardrobe set up on a good foundation!

Purposeful Wardrobe: Rack of Clothes

What Happens When Your Wardrobe Lacks Purpose

I believe it’s incredibly important to have a clear sense of what you want from your wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but without purpose, I buy things randomly and without a lot of thought, which ends up with me wasting lots of money on a bunch of clothes that I don’t even wear because my wardrobe was haphazardly thrown together. As I’m sure you know, that’s a sucky feeling!

Not to mention when your wardrobe is haphazardly thrown together, aimlessly and randomly, it’s really difficult to use. If there is no defined purpose and no rhyme or reason to your wardrobe, then it’s hard to make outfits from it! If you caught my free class 6 Common Style Mistakes + 3 Keys to Fix Them, you know I talk about how crucial it is to have a closet full of the RIGHT pieces. That is one of the major foundations to style becoming effortless every single day. (Definitely catch that class, HERE, if you haven’t yet!) When you don’t have the right pieces in your wardrobe, you waste a lot of time, money, and energy on a difficult-to-use closet.

Anddddd, who wants a closetful of clothes that makes it hard to get dressed? Not me! It’s a huge energy-suck to start your day, EVERY DAY, frustrated that you “have nothing to wear.” That takes away emotional energy that you don’t need to be spending. Your clothes should energize you, not take away from you. It shouldn’t make you low-key angry or drag you down. Your clothes should do more than just keep you from being naked—they should actually serve and support you!

So, let’s get your wardrobe right. Let’s regain some intentionality. Let’s build it purposefully.

Purposeful Wardrobe: Flat Lay of Clothes Casual Nice

What Happens When You Build Your Wardrobe Purposefully

You Actually Wear Your Clothes
When you build your wardrobe intentionally, you craft it to serve your life, so you always have what you need and your clothes are actually useful. They’re purposeful! That means you actually wear your clothes because they’re RIGHT for you.

You Can Put Together Outfits More Quickly and Easily
If you have the right clothes, it’s a thousand times easier to put together outfits. Instead of being a hodgepodge assortment of clothes you can’t really wear on a day-to-day basis, your wardrobe is full of clothes that enable you to do what you need to do each day and feel comfortable and confident doing it. It does this no matter what your personal style is, no matter what your lifestyle is, no matter your body shape or size, whether you like to be super trendy or not at all, whether you like to be fancy or low-key. 

It Keeps You From Wasting Money on Clothes You Can’t Wear
When you’re intentional about your purchases, your money goes to good use. You stop buying the WRONG clothes and waste less money on clothes you don’t wear! 👏🏽

Your Wardrobe Gives You Energy Instead of Wastes Your Energy
A wardrobe that supports your life and is easier to use makes it MUCH more pleasant to get dressed each day! There is no more dread or annoyance when you face your wardrobe. That means you get to stop wasting your emotional energy feeling frustrated or low-key pissed at your wardrobe (😬 we’ve all been there, right? 😆) and instead, your wardrobe can actually be a source of positive energy and lift your mood. Your wardrobe actually ADDS TO your life instead of sucks away your energy. 

You Can Make Decisions About Clothes More Quickly When Shopping
Creating a purposeful wardrobe provides guideposts for your purchasing decisions which helps you make shopping decisions more quickly. When you have anchors guiding your decisions, you can more clearly say yes or no to clothes—no matter how cute they are on someone else or no matter how good the sale is!

In general, a purposeful wardrobe just makes your life BETTER and EASIER in the long run. It makes it easier to get dressed, it helps you feel better in your clothes, and it actually empowers you to do what you need to do each day. It saves you money and time, and helps you stop wasting emotional energy and enables you to spend your emotional energy in a more productive way!

So, this is a great time to cultivate a more intentional approach to your wardrobe, and I want to invite you into that posture! Over the next few months I’ll share some tips, tools, and frameworks to help you build your wardrobe more purposefully. For now I just wanted to open up the discussion and plant the seed!

Until then, I’d love if you’d take a moment to comment and let me know where you’re at by answering a couple of questions:

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how content are you with the current state of your wardrobe (1 being you hate your wardrobe and 10 being you love your wardrobe and it totally enhances your life), and…
  2. Why is it important to you to build your wardrobe purposefully?

I’d love to hear where you’re at in the journey and where you want to get to, whether you’ve never built your wardrobe with much purpose and this is your first time even thinking about it, whether you have built your wardrobe with some intention before but have just gotten out of it (which happens to us all cuz, life…!), or whether you’re totally hitting goals with your most cultivated and intentional wardrobe yet! Let me know where you’re at. I’d love to hear, plus it’ll help me know how much to share in the next few posts on the topic!


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You’ll also get a plan for expanding to a larger wardrobe later on! This is a straightforward and easy way to gather your 2022 closet, keeping you looking casual and put together everyday!

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