Gift Guide: The Traveler (for Women and Men)

Since enough of you said you’d appreciate gift guides before Black Friday, I might be posting extra this week in addition to “normal” blog content to provide some gift guides.  This weekend I hauled butt to get this one together, and I’m excited about it!
I’m excited about gift guides in general this year because if you couldn’t already tell from when I recommend good clothing to you, I LOVE telling people about fantastic products.  And my favorite kinds of gifts to give are ones that are really good quality AND that I know the people are going to use a ton and love (even if they are not necessarily pretty).  Plus, my husband Benson is soooo good at researching items and our friends rely on him to recommend the best products for their needs.  I’m excited to share some of his favorite products as well as my favorite non-clothing products with you this holiday season.
Today’s gift guide theme is TRAVEL.  I travel quite a bit for both work and to visit family, so I’m ready to share with you some of my favorite things that have made my travel experiences way better.  I also included some things that we have gifted other people, or ones that I don’t have first hand experience with but have my eye on and that have great reviews.  All of these items would be great for women, but the bottom half (more or less) would also be great for men.   
I wrote my thoughts about each in the image itself, but if you’re interested there are a few more notes below.

Christmas Gifts for Someone Who Travels
1. Red Eye Kit  //  2. Leggings  //  3. Cardigan  //  4. Tote
11.  Monogram Pouch  //  12. Travel Case  //  13. Packing Cubes
17. Luggage Tag – Initial  //  18. Leather Luggage Tag  //  19. Sleep Mask  //  20. Sleep Mask

Options 2, 3, and 4.  You all already know how much I love these, but together they make a cute and comfy travel outfit for your friends!
Option 5 – GoToob Containers.  I’ve used mine for at least 9 years and they’ve held up.  I just cannot express to you how much easier it is to get shampoo, conditioner, or lotion out of these than out of the cheaper ones from Target.  Also, these are much easier to clean, and most importantly, they NEVER LEAK whereas I’ve always had problems with cheaper ones doing that.  This is not a pretty or extravagant gift to get someone, but we have given them to our friends who travel as little as even just a few times a year and they love them.
Option 7 – Toiletries Bag.  Also not a luxurious looking gift, but SO useful, and such great quality.  I’ve used mine for 7 years, traveling AT LEAST 12 times per year, and it is still going strong!  Someone gave it to me as a gift, and while I wasn’t really impressed or wowed by it initially, as the years have gone on I’ve appreciated how fabulous of a gift it was.  
Options 8, 9, 10 – Weekender Bags.  I haven’t personally used these since I alway use a roller bag, but I’ve read and known TONS of people who have each of these and love them.  
Option 11 – Monogram Pouch.  I don’t have this but want it because I feel like I seldom have enough of these little pouches when I pack.  I use them to carry my huge statement necklaces, gadgets, and electronics.  I feel like it’s a “safe” gift to get a friend because they will find some way to make use of it, even if not for travel.
Option 13 – Packing Cubes.  This is another gift we’ve given people, and similarly to when I received the Toiletries Bag, they’re like, “Ohhh, cool….thanks..?”  But then after they finally USE them, we get texts like, “OMG THOSE THINGS ARE LIFE CHANGING!”  We’ve used ours for at least 10 years and they are also still going strong.  We have one color for Benson’s clothes, one color for my clothes, and we recently got a third set for Addie’s.  It’s SO nice to have everything so organized and easy to access!  They come in a billion colors and a variety of sizes.  One medium cube fits into half a carry on perfectly.  
Option 15 – Water Bottle.  I talked about this in last year’s Men’s Gift Guide, and it’s going to show up again in this year’s, AND in this Traveler one, because we love it that much.  Benson and I are water bottle addicts.  We had sooooo many water bottles, from Nalgenes, to every different and new version of Contigo’s, to other brands that are less popular, and this water bottle put a stop to it.  It comes in a ton of colors, a ton of sizes, and a few different types of water spouts (straws, normally screw top, flip caps).  I have a 32oz, Benson has a 40oz, and we got an 18oz to keep Addie’s extra milk cold while traveling for long periods.  They are pretty expensive, but they are SO. GOOD.  Keeps water cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 6!  This is one we told all our friends about, and now our community is hooked on them.

Hope this helps give you some direction on gifts!  Other holiday gift guides:

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