What is business casual, anyway?

Not too long ago I showed a casual look with printed pants, and today here’s my business casual printed pants look.  And I use the term “business casual” very loosely because who really knows what that means?  I believe Stacy and Clinton when they say that “business casual” means a lot of different things to a lot of different companies.  Some say no jeans, some say yes jeans, some say no jeans but no one really listens, blah blah blah.  So I’m curious…what is your (or your company’s) definition of business casual?  What would fly and what wouldn’t?
BTW, I updated the Where to Buy My Closet Staples list in case you were looking for anything.  You can always find the link on the bottom of the sidebar.

Shop for the Look:
Sweater: Forever 21 (exact–still just $10!)
Pants: Joe Fresh (similar–“navy print”, similar–navy ones are so cute!, similar)
Necklace: I actually can’t remember…
Shoes: Target (similar–lower heel, similar)

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