Sweater: J.Crew Outlet (shop similar)  |  Shorts: Target (shop)  |  Flats: Old Navy  |  Necklace: Forever 21  |  Totes: ebags.com (shop)

Wheeeeee, coral shorts!  I think they’re my new best friend.

Having lived in San Diego for the last 11 years, I’ve grown accustomed to thinking that 70 degrees is too cold to wear shorts.  I blame it on the constant ocean breeze, but really, “ocean breeze” is secret code for “I’m weaksauce.”  That said, I get a little unreasonably excited when I can wear these shorts, hence me dragging them along to every single trip I get to go on where heat prevails.  Obsessed much?  Absolutely.

But one way I get around it in “cold” 70 degree San Diego weather is to pair these babies with a lightweight sweater.  Boom bam, problem solved.

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