Wardrobe From Scratch: Case Study – SOPHIE

Hello!  I know it’s been a while since some case studies for the Wardrobe From Scratch Series were promised, but FINALLY, here’s the first one!
Here are a few things to keep in mind as these case studies roll out:
1.  Please remember that these are real people who have been brave enough to take pictures and let us use them as examples, so let’s be nice and encouraging.  🙂
2.  This is not a full and exhaustive list of items for her to buy.  This serves as a starter kit wardrobe and of course needs to be filled out, especially in seasons outside of this one.  (I based this list on the current season and where she lives.)
3.  Links for shopping are below the image.
4.  At the very bottom of this post you get to create outfits for Sophie!  Yep!  Thanks to Polyvore, we can all play dress up for Sophie.  Get ready!  
Shopping Links:
mustard cardi  |  green  |  grey  |  navy
striped top  |  polka dots, option #2  |  floral  |  white oxford
coral print top  |  light print  |  white tee  |  solid mint tee

Sophie happens to live in San Diego (whoop whoop!) and we seem to have a similar lifestyle, except that I don’t even need to dress business casual for my job.  I was trying to avoid starting the case studies with someone that was so similar to me for some variety, but her birthday happens to be TODAY and she’s going on a shopping spree so I wanted to get this out ASAP to help her!  Don’t worry, other case studies will have very different body shapes and lifestyles than me.

How I Chose Sophie’s Items:
  • I chose navy and medium grey for her neutrals because I thought they’d complement her lighter skin and hair whereas black might be more harsh near her face.  
  • For skirts I stuck to pencil skirts, but pencil skirts that came out in more of a straight line rather than ones that were super duper hip hugging to 1) balance out her cute curves, and 2) help them transition better to casual wear.  If you are looking for non-pencil skirts that are more flowy, here are some in navy, coral, and polka dots.
  • Sophie’s Pinterest board had a lot of yellow, green, and polka dots with some stripes so I chose colors accordingly.  I thought coral would be a nice complement to both of those so I took the liberty to add it to the mix.
Not including shoes and the necklace, there are 28 items of clothing and I could easily see them combining to make at least 50 outfits!  I got lazy with the shirts, dresses, shoes, and accessories because there are soooo many options for all of them so I really stuck with the bare bones of the WFS Starter Kit.  Just goes to show that if you have enough colored bottoms and a foundational color palette your wardrobe can go a long way!
See these items in action in the “Gallery” below, and get creative and make some outfits for Sophie too!


Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

There are more case studies coming, but I need your feedback to make them helpful to you.

  • What do you think of the Polyvore Create/Gallery section above?  
  • Do you want more of an explanation of why/how I chose what I did for her?  ex. An explanation of each piece?  I tried not to write too much and put it all in image form, but if you actually want the explanations I’d be happy to write more in future case study posts.

**For more posts like this, see the Wardrobe From Scratch Series.

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