Try-Ons Galore From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & Amazon Prime Day Deals

Today is double the fun with sales from both Nordstrom Anniversary Sale try-ons AND Amazon Prime Day Deals! There’s a lot going on with the timing of two major sales, so grab a snack and a yummy drink, and let’s get going!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-Ons #1

A few days ago, on Saturday, ALL Nordstrom cardholders got access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you are not a cardholder, you can shop the sale on Friday 7/15!

Due to travel and then a bout of sickness for our whole family, I wasn’t able to get a post up with try-ons before Saturday. However, I did send those on the PMT email list a quick email with highlights and some of my reviews, sans pictures. Now, here’s the follow-up to that with some pictures!

Unfortunately, as it goes, several of the new items that I’m excited for from this year’s sale have already sold out. I’ll review some of them anyway in case they come back or in case you can catch your size as people make returns.

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes. In addition the items I’m reviewing, I’ll link to other items at the end of the try ons.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Casual Outfit: navy utility jacket + red long sleeve top + distressed ankle straight leg jeans + suede flats + gold initial pendant necklace

Caslon Utility Jacket – size XS
Very comfy, lightweight, and stretchy, but holds its structure to keep you looking polished and put together. Has an adjustable drawstring at the waist so you can nip it in and define your waist. This style is a little more classic, and if that’s your thing, this is a great jacket! I wear XS.

Caslon Distressed Straight Leg Jeans – size 4
Comfy with stretch! Been pleasantly surprised with Caslon’s denim! This denim is a bit thinner, which I actually like for the summer. I still prefer Wit & Wisdom’s stretch to Caslon’s (plus Wit & Wisdom’s elastic waistband) but this is a good option for something that costs a bit less and also if you’re just looking for other options.

I really like the mild distressing on this pair. I also like the slimmer straight leg fit, which is a contrast to the wider Wit & Wisdom pair at the top of this post. A slimmer cut like this makes it easier to pair with tops and offers a more streamline fit.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Casual Outfit: oatmeal long sleeve top + light wash ankle straight leg jeans + white sneakers + gold initial pendant necklace

Caslon Long Sleeve Thermal Top – size S
This is the same as the orange one in the previous outfit. This is the kind of top that could be really understated but get a lot of wear. VERY soft and thicker than I thought it’d be! (One note is that it’s even softer in Beige than Rust Spice.) If you struggle with casual tees in colder weather, something like this is good to have. Also works well under vests. I wear size S.

Wit & Wisdom Straight Leg Jeans – size 4
These are unfortunately sold out, but since they were around before the NSale, I’m hoping they will get restocked. These are straight leg jeans with a bit of a wider leg, though they look somewhat like kick flares with my curvier hips and fuller thighs. VERY comfy. Soft and stretchy denim that is a little thicker and helps you feel a bit more secure. The style is more modern and current. I wear size 4.

Sam Edelman Sneakers – size 9
I’m on the fence about this, personally. I love the style and they are comfy with a thick footbed, but I’m not 1,000% sold on how they fit my feet—yet. Also, the vamp is higher than my typical white slip-on sneakers which tends to cut off my leg line. It’s not so bad that it’s a dealbreaker, but it is something to consider. Also reviews say that the white leather peels off a bit. However, it also comes in a canvas material that I assume won’t have peeling issues. All that said, I want to make these work, but I feel like I need more time to think through all of those things more thoroughly. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for some fresh sneakers though!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: maroon suede moto jacket + maroon lace sleeve 3/4 puff sleeve top + dark wash bootcut jeans + suede tan flats + gold initial pendant necklaceNordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: maroon suede moto jacket + maroon lace sleeve 3/4 puff sleeve top + dark wash bootcut jeans + suede tan flats + gold initial pendant necklace close up

Kut from the Kloth Moto Jacket – size S
Lightweight, STRETCHY, and COMFY. SOOOO comfy! But you get the chic look of a moto jacket! Several colors available.

Cece Top – size S
This top is really pretty and really comfortable! The entire torso is super stretchy, but it hangs and drapes nicely. The sleeves have a lace pattern on them and they are sheer, giving this top a lighter feel. Works well for workwear and going out. Several colors. I’m wearing Deep Mulberry which is more purpley than red.

Wit & Wisdom Bootcut Jeans – size 8
These have been a PMT community favorite for YEARS. Maybe ever since the first time I ever blogged about the NSale! These are super stretchy and comfy and have a stretchy elastic waistband. They are flattering and make your legs look long! I size up to 8 in these which I feel gives more room for my curvier thighs.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Casual Athleisure Outfit: grey wrap jacket + red top + black leggings + grey lace up sneakers + gold initial pendant necklace Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Casual Athleisure Outfit: grey wrap jacket + red top + black leggings close up

Zella Cozy Wrap Jacket – size XS
Warm and cozy with a fuzzy lining along the torso! It doesn’t always lay well when open, but it looks really cute while closed. And it’s so cozy! Not sure if I need it personally, but definitely something to check out if you love athleisure! I wear size XS.

Zella 7/8 Pocket Leggings – size S
My favorite pair of leggings! I wear these over the full length leggings because I like the length and the pockets. These are comfy with flattering compression and have upright pockets that can securely hold your phone or other belongings. Definitely something to grab while on sale!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: black open front blazer + white pintuck camisole + medium wash straight leg jeans + leopard print flats + gold initial pendant necklace

Halogen Blazer – size S
I really like the style of this blazer with the cutout in the front to give it a slightly edgy silhouette while still looking totally professional and polished. It is a pretty thin blazer, though, but that does make it comfy and lightweight to wear, so it’s not stuffy or constricting. The main hesitations for me personally are that there is a little extra room around the torso, and it does not nip in at the waist, so I find it hard to pair with non-skinny or less fitted cuts. Here I can get away with a very slim straight cut jean, but for work pants, it’s a little more hit or miss and very dependent on the pair of pants. I do like the style of the blazer a LOT, though. I just don’t know if I’d personally pay $69 on sale for it because of the fit/shape on me, but I do feel like it’s worth trying because it’s really cute!

Caslon Straight Leg Jeans – size 4
Exact same as what I said about the distressed pair a few outfits prior! Just no distressing and a nice, classic, clean wash.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: tan faux leather moto jacket + white pintuck camisole + medium wash skinny jeans + leopard print flats + gold initial pendant necklace

Blank NYC Moto Jacket – size M
Gorgeous jacket in a gorgeous bright cognac. The leather is very, very soft and this thing is so beautiful. That said, I do worry about it being faux leather. Typically I’m fine with faux leather but something about this makes me worry that it’ll scratch easier than others and I can’t put my finger on why. Hopefully I’m wrong about it, but I can’t shake my suspicion! Also, personally this is just a heavy duty jacket for me, and I prefer basically all of my clothes to be fluid and stretchy 😆 so I’d opt for the KUT jacket almost every time. But this jacket is VERY pretty and looks SOOO GOOD and is totally worth a try, especially at the sale price!

1.State Pintuck Blouse – size S
I have shared this blouse before and while I don’t wear it a whole lot in my very casual lifestyle, I just like it because I think it’s a great blouse! Fully lined, so it’s not see-through in white. Adjustable straps. And pintuck detail keeps it from looking like an undershirt. Goes really well under blazers for work looks, under cardigans for casual outfits, and solo tucked into high-waisted bottoms and skirts. Several colors available.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: cream long cardigan + white pintuck camisole + medium wash straight leg distressed jeans + tan suede flats + gold initial pendant necklace

Caslon Cardigan – size XS
One of my most-worn purchases from last year’s sale! Pretty pricey for a cardigan IMO, even on sale, but it’s thicker and cozier than cheaper ones from places like Target and Old Navy, and it holds shape well. Several colors available. Be sure to size down in these—even XS is pretty large on me!

Zodiac Flats – size 9
These flats are from last year, but they’re available again this year in different colors. I didn’t have any of the new colors for this post, but recently the “Sand” version arrived and I really like the color! It’s nice to have a slightly lighter tone. Comes in several other colors, too. As for comfort, they are good but nothing that I’d raveeeee about, you know? Decently soft upper but it could rub across your toes if they don’t fit well. Footbed is sturdy with a tad bit of cushion. Overall, in line with the price and pretty good on sale!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: cream long cardigan + black and white striped long sleeve tee + medium wash skinny ankle jeans + tan suede booties + gold long pendant necklace + tan leather earrings + cognac tote

Halogen Stripe Tee – size M
I’ve shown this tee many times over the last year. It’s incredibly soft and stretchy. Totally fitted, so works really well tucked into high-waisted bottoms. See ways I’ve worn it HERE.

BTW, these are the Wit & Wisdom skinny jeans and the Caslon cardigan.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Work Outfit: black and white polka dot tank + straight leg pull on pants + black suede flats + gold initial pendant necklace

Halogen Pants – size 4
Very lightweight, comfy pants. Definitely better for summer and early fall. There is elastic in the back of the waistband for extra comfort. The cut kind of puffs under the waistband, so it adds curves around the hips. With my curvier hips I personally find these harder to style unless I tuck the top all the way in. The length is a little in between on me—I’d rather them several inches shorter to hit my ankles, or about an inch longer to sit at the top of my ankles instead. But otherwise they are comfy and nice and lightweight. Also available in olive.

Vince Camuto Blouse – size S
Great top with a good drape that should gloss over any lumps and bumps.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: tan ribbed boatneck dolman sweater + medium wash straight leg distressed jeans + tan suede flats + gold initial pendant necklace

Open Edit Sweater – size S
I believe this is sold out, but in case it comes back… this is soft and cozy but lightweight! Love the slightly open neckline, which you can see better in the product page HERE. And I love the ribbed texture. I said in my email that this was a bit itchy, but as I wore it more throughout taking pics, it felt less and less itchy. Still a bit of itch factor if you are sensitive to that like I am, but again, I plan to wear a thin layer under it most times. Not sure how this will wash but hopefully it’s good, haha!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: white pocket tee + light wash girlfriend jeans + white sneakers

Madewell Pocket Tee – size S
Really, really soft, and it’s thick so it’s not see-through in white. Love the relaxed, slightly oversized fit. But I also want to try a size down to XS. Too bad it’s sold out for now! 😩

Wearing my favorite Wit & Wisdom girlfriend jeans which are not part of this year’s sale, but they are available. Soooo soft and comfy with elastic waistband! I wear size 4 and could even size down to 2, as they run huge.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: cream ribbed cropped sweater + dark wash bootcut jeans + tan suede booties + gold initial pendant necklace + tan leather earrings + cognac tote

BP Sweater – size S
This sweater is only $9.99 right now! It’s pretty soft and cozy but lightweight and easy to wear. Cropped silhouette for a bit of a modern touch. Great deal for the sale price!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: navy knit open front blazer + black and white striped long sleeve tee + medium wash skinny ankle jeans + leopard print flats + white leather earrings + grey crossbody

Caslon Knit Blazer – size XS
In case you haven’t checked out this blazer yet, it’s another PMT fan fave. Feels like a sweatshirt but looks more polished! Several colors.

I tried a few others but didn’t get pictures of them and weren’t mentioning. I’m a little behind since our kids were sick, but eventually I will update the PMT NSale Page with a widget of EVERYTHING I’ve tried so that you can know if other items are worth it or not! Some quick notes:

  • Madewell Gauzy Top – Sold out, but very lightweight and great for summer! A little oversized with a great relaxed feel. I wear size S.
  • Vero Moda Sweater – Prob one of my faves from the sale, but currently sold out. Thick, soft, cozy, but lightweight so it doesn’t weigh you down. I wear size S. Hoping this restocks!
  • Zella Luxe Pocket Sweatshirt – I have a similar sweatshirt, but it’s not the “luxe” version. I thought this one would be an upgrade from the one I own, but I don’t like it! It’s thick, which is great, but it has a satiny feel which kind of makes it hard to style. Most importantly, the inside is not as fuzzy as my similar sweatshirt, and the pocket goes all the way through. And the arms are a little bulkier at the shoulders. I’m sticking with my similar sweatshirt, and while it’s not part of the NSale, it’s on MEGA SALE, HERE if you’re interested. I wear both in size S.
  • Zella OSR Live-In Leggings – Was not a fan of this material!
  • Wit & Wisdom Side Pocket Girlfriend Jeans – Great comfort that is consistent with all Wit & Wisdom jeans. But not personally a fan of the side pockets. The open sideways on the hips, which means they stick out against my curvy hips. If you have straighter hips, it should be fine. But still, I would worry that things would fall out of the pockets more easily with them being sideways. I wear size 6.  I’ll stick to my old pair of W&W girlfriend jeans!
  • Roxy Jumpsuit – Currently sold out, but I LOVE this! Super duper stretchy, soft, and comfy, and just looks chic. I wear size M.
  • Treasure & Bond Plaid Trousers – Wanted to like these, but they don’t fit around my curvy hips that well.

Shop Items From All the Outfits

Here you can shop the rest of what I’m wearing in the outfits!


Cecilia’s Try-Ons

PMT team member Cecilia here! I’m petite at 5’1″ and wear XS/0/25 and size 6 in shoes. Warning: I’m awful at selfies! 🙈 (And seem to have a penchant for green??)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Athleisure Workout Outfit: green sweatshirt + green jacket + black bike shorts

Sweaty Betty Relaxed Hoodie – size XS
This was super soft! The deeper, foldover V neckline adds a unique quality to this sweatshirt, too. It’s meant to be a relaxed, roomy fit, though I would have liked to have tried it on in an XXS also. A little pricey for a sweatshirt, but it is very comfortable and seems well made. It comes in 3 colors.

Sweaty Betty Explorer Jacket – size XS
Perfect to throw on to and from the gym! It has a really nice, soft “athletic” fabric without the swish-swish of the ever-popular track pants of the 90s! (Think Zella Live In Joggers that Audrey loves!) The fit is relaxed and a little boxy, which I like, though the sleeves are a bit long on my petite frame. Still, I’m keeping this mostly for its beautiful sage-y green color!

Zella Live In Bike Shorts– size XS
Substantial material and very comfy for athleisure and working out! I also love the Zella Snow Wash Ribbed Bike Shorts with the super handy pocket in the back, and that are less shiny-legging material and feel more like soft cotton. Both are TTS.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: green button down puff sleeve v neck top + light wash jeans

Madewell Puff Sleeve Top – size XXS
The cotton keeps this top casual but the special details of the sleeves, buttons, and subtle check texture in the fabric keep it elevated. It also comes in an Antique Gold color, and it’s FULLY STOCKED in both colors! I sized down to an XXS (though that’s often my usual size in Madewell).

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Elevated Casual Outfit: green flutter sleeve short sleeve top + light wash jeans

1.State Shirred Chiffon Blouse – size XS
A pretty top for work or going out. It comes in this beautiful pine color, as well as pink and black.


Other NSale Things to Try

Here are a few other things to check out!

1. Caslon Water Resistant Chelsea Boots – Lots of great reviews and trendier sole.

2. Madewell Knotted-Strap Leather Crossbody – Add a pop of unexpected neutral with this roomy crossbody in a beautiful olive green leather. The two handy outside pockets and adjustable tie-straps make this purse extra practical!

3. Born Zip-Back Sandal – A seriously comfy sandal!!! The footbed is cushy, and the genuine leather is so soft! These sandals come in 10 colors(!) in suede and smooth leather, and can easily be worn into fall!

4. Vince Camuto Zelinda Bootie – Pretty!

And remember to check out all the other highlights and recommendations at the PMT NSale Page!


Amazon Prime Day Deals

Last, this is just your friendly reminder that Amazon Prime Day deals are happening today and go until tomorrow!

Prime Day is an enormous sale that happens once a year for Amazon Prime members where hundreds and thousands of things go on sale. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, what are you waiting for? You get fast, free shipping on lots of items and tons of other benefits with Prime for groceries, entertainment, music, reading, and more. Check out all the benefits HERE.

You need to be a Prime member to access today’s deals, but now’s a great time to join and try it out and shop the sale! Then cancel if you don’t like it. 👍🏽

There are lots and LOTS of things on sale, like electronics, baby items, home goods, and of course women’s and men’s clothes. Since there’s already a lot going on with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I won’t dive too much into all the categories and instead I’ll just highlight a few deals from Women’s Fashion to check out.

Amazon Prime Day Deals in Women’s Fashion

Some of My Favorite Amazon Purchases

Amazon Prime Day Favorite Items Casual Elevated Nice Outfits: white flutter sleeve tank + blue roll shorts + nude sandals + black floral wrap + black tank + leather backpack + pink midi tiered dress

Also, in case any of these are on sale, here are some of my favorite Amazon purchases. Click through them to see if any of them have deals going on! Under each item I wrote notes in case you want more info about them!

My faux leather backpack (shown above) has a lightning deal AND a discount code! Use code 6MDIZZRQ to get an extra 10% off of whatever the lightning deal is! If the code doesn’t work anymore, that means it expired. Check out the backpack HERE. I have the color “0 Retro Brown.”

Often, the PMT favorite floral wrap goes on sale, too. It is shorter than most other wraps and has less material, so it’s easier to style. See if you can catch a deal with it, HERE.

There might be lots of other lightning deals, so I shared a bunch of my favorite Amazon purchases in the widget below. Click through to see if you can catch any of them!

If you are a Prime member, you can shop all the deals HERE.

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