BEST of 2020: Top Sellers & Most Popular Blog Posts

Best Sellers of 2020 and Top Blog Posts

As 2020 comes to a close, I want to share which items were PMT best sellers (i.e. your favorites!) and the most popular blog posts from the year!

I’ve gotta say, I’m actually surprised some of these pieces made the list.  However, it’s also important to note that just because they were the most bought items doesn’t mean they were the most kept items.  I know which items on this list are tried and true because yall report back to me about how much you love them.  And I think I have a hunch as to which ones were just ones many of you tried but probably returned, haha!

Check out what fellow PMT readers have loved, which ones I recommend, and which ones I think might have been returned, ha!  And give them a shot if you haven’t yet!


PMT Top Sellers

PMT 2020 Best Selling Products

I always like to guess which items were the top sellers because I also like to be surprised when something makes the list that was totally off my radar.  So, you ready?  Here they are:

1. Dear Mushka Gold Locket Pendant Necklace (long necklace shown in pics above)
This has been my most worn necklace for the last several years, and it has made the monthly bestsellers list for a billion months in a row this year, ha!  It goes with basically everything and does an amazing job of pulling together an outfit, despite its simplicity. It’s actually a locket, so you can put a picture in it! See ways I’ve worn it HERE. Or just go through any post on my blog and you’ll find it. 😆 I literally wear it all the time!  Get it HERE.

NOTE: I found the original chain a little fragile, so I swapped it out with a chain from an old necklace I had.  You can find other chains at craft stores or on Amazon.  My new chain is 34″.

This one is a HUGE PMT fan favorite, so if you’re new here, definitely check it out.

2. Amazon Flutter Sleeve Button Up Top – size M (bottom right pic above)
Cute and lightweight for the summer with some great prints and flutter sleeve details.  Works well with jeans, pants, and skirts.  See 5 outfits with it HERE.  THAT SAID…even though this is a best seller of the year, now that people have had time with the top (i.e. not just the initial purchase and try on, but actually wearing it through out the day), there are huge mixed reviews about buttons not staying closed. 😳 It seems pretty hit or miss, so definitely test that out before you wear it “in the wild.”  Thankfully most of these colors and sizes offer free returns if you have Amazon Prime!

3. Gibson Cozy Twist Front Pullover – size XS (bottom middle pic above)
HUGE PMT favorite for YEARS!  Have you gotten one yet?  Doesn’t work for all body shapes, but Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns on all orders, so it’s easy to order, try, and return if it doesn’t work for you.  (Also, there are NO time limits for the return window, meaning you could have it for like 6 months and they will usually take the return.  Plus, you the tags don’t need to be on, and yeah, you could even have worn the thing a bunch and washed it, and they will still take back the return 99% of the time.  Nordstrom’s return policy is VERY generous.)

One note, I recently ordered the leopard print one to try, and it was NOT as soft as all the others.  Also, that sizing was different.  I’m usually XS and I fit S in the leopard print.  Again, order a couple of sizes if you’re unsure, since it’s easy to return by mail for free with Nordstrom

4. Amazon Brushed Tech Stretch Joggers – size S (top middle pic above)
This was another best seller from all of 2019 too.  Great option for only like $20ish (depending on size and color).  HOWEVER, one pair that is super similar that I have not talked about NEARLY enough is these Old Navy Mid Rise Breathe Joggers.  They feel very, very similar and come in other colors, also solid ones, not the space dye type of thing.  AND they come in Regular, Tall, Petite, and Plus.  I wear size S.  Check them out HERE.  On sale, they are roughly the same price as the Amazon ones.

5. Target Universal Thread High-Rise Pull-On Shorts – size XS
These are lightweight, linen shorts, with an EXTREMELY, extremely, EXTREMELY stretchy waistband.  Can I stress that enough?  Haha!  It’s weird, the waistband isn’t loose–it stays up.  But it stretched over my 6 or 7 month belly EASILY–ANDDDDD it still fits me NOW at close to my pre-pregnant size!!!  Hahaha it’s insane.  Anyway, it’s not shorts season, but these shorts are inexpensive and great if you want a very forgiving waistband, haha!  They do wrinkle though, since they’re linen.  And the cheaper kind of linen.  But the wrinkling is far less noticeable in black.

6. Amazon Sleeveless Layering Tank – size 6
This is a nice shell tank that comes in TONSSSSS of prints and colors.  It works great under blazers for work, with jeans for elevated casual looks, and it paired nicely with my linen pants in the summer.  It’s super versatile and a great piece to have as a closet workhorse.  Super affordable too, at anywhere from $8 to $23 depending on color and size!

Haven’t heard many reports from yall about this one.  I can attest that it is one of those pieces you may not feel head over heels about, but is a total workhorse in your closet.  It really does its job and works with tons of things!

7. Amazon Tunic Top – size M
This is a nice basic long sleeve tunic that you can wear with leggings.  I’ve gotta say, I was kind of surprised by this because my personal review of it was that it wasn’t as soft as I thought it’d be.  I thought it’d be like a sweatshirt, but it’s really just a thicker long sleeve shirt.  That’s fine, just not what I was expecting, and I personally returned it.  However, I’m also not surprised given that 2020 is the year of leggings and joggers, and so many people want tops you can wear with leggings. 😆 It has a rounded hem and comes in tons of prints and colors!

I haven’t heard anything about it from any of you.  Did yall keep this one?  Do you like it?

8. KUT from the Kloth Helena Denim Jacket – size M (top right pic above)
This is my favorite denim jacket because it is SOFT, STRETCHY, and LIGHTWEIGHT, which is the opposite of most denim jackets.  It is pretty pricey compared to other denim jackets, but again, it is SO much more comfortable than all of them.  It comes in lots of washes.  I wear the color Sweet (HERE), but it’s a lighter wash that can sometimes wash out certain skin tones.  Other washes are great though!  I think the color Empathetic is a nice lighter medium wash that works well for a lot of skin tones.  (Find that color HERE.)  There’s also another color called Liberal is a little darker HERE.  

These run small.  I wear size M and the arms are still very fitted on me, though stretchy.  Other note is that they don’t have pockets, which I know, I knowwwww, it sounds like a deal breaker.  I thought it would be for me, but over the year that I’ve had it (or is it two years now? can’t keep track) I have actually not missed the pockets AT ALL.  The comfort trumps all of it, and my phone is too big for me to put into any denim jacket pockets these days anyway. 😆

Huge PMT community fave, so check it out sometime if you want a comfy denim jacket!

9. Amazon Daily Ritual Leopard Pullover Sweater – size M (bottom left pic above)
I shared this as a try-on to review it, though I haven’t actually worn it “in real life” yet. I always love leopard print that has more of a tan or brown background versus orangey brown. This sweater is fairly thick and feels like pretty good quality. It’s a little long for me without a tuck, but not the worst.  FYI I’m 5’6” but have a short torso, so tops are often too long for me. I wear size M.

While I like this a lot, I’m surprised it made the top sellers of ALL of 2020.  Not because it’s bad by any means, but because I’ve only really shown this once or twice!  And I haven’t heard anything about it from you.  Did you keep it?

10. Caslon Linen Joggers – size S
These were a favorite back in the summer, and I’ve heard quite a bit from you about it.  I’m so glad you love them too!  However, I’m still surprised they made it as one of the best sellers of all of 2020, ha!  Didn’t know you loved them THAT much. 😄 Plus they are expensive compared to the usual $20-ish pairs I’m used to from Old Navy, but they feel WAY better than cheaper linen pants.  I love that this is a jogger silhouette, as opposed to typical straight leg linen pants.  Additionally, these are very, very lightweight, NOT itchy AT ALL (hallelujah!), and soft and comfy to wear.  I have them in olive which now has super limited sizing.  However, grey is available and fully stocked HERE.  I wear size S.

11. Zella Live In High Waist Leggings – size M
It wouldn’t be 2020 without mentioning leggings, right?  These are the ones I have talked about a thousand times at this point.  My leggings collection has grown a TON this year, but the full length Live In High Waist Leggings are the standard.  (See the ways I’ve worn them HERE.)  They’re the ones that are I can wear as activewear, athleisure, and dressy casual outfits.  Plus, they’re thick, not see through, have compression, etc. all the things I’ve been saying for years!

That said, the pair I’ve actually been wearing more ever since I got them this summer are the Live In High Waist Pocket 7/8 Leggings.  These have a sportier vibe because of the extra seams down the sides from the pockets, so I don’t wear these in dressy casual outfits.  But, uh, it’s 2020–wasn’t dressing up that often and was sticking to athleisure and activewear more than anything.  Which is why the 7/8 leggings have been my faves lately.  I really like the high pockets because they don’t stick out at all, unlike when pockets are on my thighs.  They hold my huge phone, and something about that pocket placement makes me even forget my phone is in there!  Also, while these hit the model mid-calf, they are lower on me, hitting my ankles.  These are also not see through and have compression.  Love em!  Check them out HERE.  I wear these in size S.

12. Wit & Wisdom Jeggings – size 4
Last, my go-to stretchy jeans!  Actually, I have two pairs of go-to’s, and I’ll talk about both.  The jeggings linked above have been my go-to pair for several years.  The legs are EXTREMELY stretchy, and the waistband has a bit of stretch, though nothing like the elastic panel in the Ab-solution line which I have talked about many times before.  What I love about these is the wash and how skinny they are at the ankles.  These are my favorite jeans with ankle boots.  I wear these in size 4 but can also fit a size 2, which is nuts and is to say they run huge.

However, given that I’m still up over 10 lbs from baby weight, I NEED that elastic panel the Ab-Solution line provides, ha!  Which is why the Ab-solution Modern Skinny Ankle Jeans are my other (and more current) go-to pair.

Did you try any of these or own any of them?


Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

Here are the most popular blog posts from this year.  No surprise, the capsule wardrobes made the list.  Those are always the most popular!  (In fact, the REAL most visited blog posts in 2020 were mostly not written in 2020–a lot of them are my old capsule wardrobes that continue to get visits thanks to Pinterest!)  Another popular group of posts were ones related to my online style course Simply Put Together where I shared some content from the course.  Also, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale review posts actually made the top hits list, but since those items aren’t on sale anymore, I didn’t include them below as they wouldn’t be much use to you.

Oookay, anyway, here are the most visited blog posts that were written in 2020!

  1. 5 Summer Outfits to Copy From the Summer Outfit Guide
  2. The MAJOR Benefits of Learning to Dress Your Body Shape + 4 Steps to Learn How
  3. Mini Casual Early Spring Capsule Wardrobe
  4. Casual Fall Capsule Wardrobe for Stay at Home Life + CASUAL OUTFIT GUIDE NOW AVAILABLE!
  5. Comfy At Home Mini Wardrobe + 20 Outfits for Athleisure, Loungewear, and Working Out
  6. Plain to Polished: How to Dress Well with Clothing Shape Combinations
  7. How to Be Stylish if You’re Not Born With It
  8. Types of Clothes to Build a Summer Wardrobe You Won’t Get Sick Of
  9. 5 Comfy Fall Outfits for Being at Home With Kids and Working
  10. 11 Spring Outfits With a Denim Jacket: 4 Outfit Formulas to Follow

Which types of blog posts are your favorites–capsule wardrobes, Plain to Polished, ones with Simply Put Together content, outfit ideas, etc.?

Later this week, I’ll share a recap of life in 2020 as well as my favorite purchases from 2020!


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