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It’s been a while since we’ve done a PMT Monthly Best Sellers post, so we’re primed and ready for one! Today we’re bringing you the top 20 best sellers from your fellow PMTers (that are still in stock)—10 for casual and 10 for workwear.

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes and 8.5 to 9 in shoes.


Top 10 Best Sellers – Casual

1. Nordstrom Wit & Wisdom Wide Leg Pants – size 4
Currently one of my favorite pairs of jeans. 😊 The ecru color is very current, and the silhouette is fresh and modern, and they’re COMFY! The legs are super stretchy, and of course they have the stretchy elastic waistband that I can no longer live without! These come in 3 colors, and I’m wearing Stone in size 4. Check them out HERE. Note that the legs do loosen up a tad with wear, but I wouldn’t say they get saggy.

2. Amazon Shacket – size XS (I tried “Apricot)
This was on a link list that we sent in PMT Emails. Fun addition if you’re interested in trying this trend! I tried this one in “Apricot” and sized way down to XS as almost every shacked I’ve tried on, even sized down to S, has been way too overwhelming on me. Size XS for this one was perfect. The outside is soft, but the inside is rougher. (It’s not nearly as bad as a different jacket that I tried and immediately returned because of its scratchiness, though!) If I wear this with a long sleeve top underneath it’s totally fine. But I need to try it with a short sleeve tee underneath before deciding whether or not I’ll keep it.

3. Target Pullover Sweater – size M
Easygoing with a great texture that adds visual interest. Lots of colors. I wear size M.

4. Walmart Retro Sneakerssize 8.5
SUPER affordable and pretty comfortable! (I’m wearing a lookalike pair from Target in the second pic in the top row above, but those are no longer available. The pair linked here is cheaper anyway!) I wear these in size 8.5.

5. Kohl’s Straight Leg Jeans – size 6
For straight leg jeans that don’t break the bank, this is a great pair to grab, especially during one of Kohl’s many sales! They are soft and stretchy and have a classic style. I’m wearing them above in the first and third pics in the top row. They’re available in 14 colors in straight sizingHERE! I own the color Eastin and wear size 6. See them in petite sizing HERE, and similar jeans in plus sizing with elastic waistband HERE and curvy-plus sizing HERE.

6. Amazon Oversized Fleece Zip-Up – size S (but could wear size XS)
Zip-up fleece for those who like the slouchy look. I have this in a size S but want to exchange it for XS—S is far too oversized for me. The inside is really soft, and while it doesn’t strike you as the softest or coziest thing ever, it does keep you pretty warm. I imagine it with leggings and sneakers since it has a sporty vibe along with being roomy.

7. Etsy Long Pendant Locket Necklace 
This has been my most worn necklace for the last several years, and it has made the monthly bestsellers list for a billion months in a row this year, ha! It goes with basically everything and does an amazing job of pulling together an outfit, despite its simplicity. It’s actually a locket, so you can put a picture in it! See ways I’ve worn it HERE. Get it HERE.

NOTE: I found the original chain a little fragile, so I swapped it out with a chain from an old necklace I had. You can find other chains at craft stores or on Amazon. My new chain is 34″.

This one is a HUGE PMT fan favorite, so if you’re new here, definitely check it out.

8. Amazon Everyday Backpack
Ceci shared this as one of her recent purchases, and it became a PMT Best Seller for the month! Here’s what Ceci has to say: Lightweight, water-resistant, LOTS and LOTS of pockets (!!!), including a cushioned laptop compartment and an anti-theft zippered pocket that rests against your back, sleek and attractive design, and it’s UNDER $28!! Great for everyday use, but it would also be perfect for travel, work or student life, and as a gym or diaper bag!

9. Nordstrom Rack Wit & Wisdom Straight Leg Jeans – size 6
If you’re looking for a pair of straight leg pants that work with booties, definitely try this pair! These are jeans, but they would totally work for the more casual end of business casual attire. Most importantly, they’re comfortable! The legs are really stretchy, and they have my favorite comfy, stretchy waistband with the elastic strip! On top of that, these are just $44.97 (whereas typically they go for $68+)! I’m wearing them above in the fourth outfit in the top row. Find them HERE. I’m wearing size 6.

10. Amazon Ribbed Pullover
This is another one from our link lists that I haven’t tried, but several reviews say it’s really soft!


Top 10 Best Sellers – Work

1. Amazon Work Pants – size M
The Tapata Pants come in 14 colors and in regularpetitelong, and tall lengths. While this pair is not nearly as comfortable as the Liverpool Kelsey Ponte Knit Pants (see below), they are pretty stretchy and half the cost. Plus, during wintertime last year, they had pairs that were LINED WITH FLEECE, which is very helpful in colder months! The straight leg also works with booties that have a tall and narrow shaft. I’m wearing them above in black, in the fourth outfit in the bottom row. Find them HERE. I wear size M.

2. Liverpool Kelsey Knit Pants – size S
My top recommendation for insanely comfortable but super professional work pants! These are very smoothvery soft, and soooo stretchy, and they are fairly thick. They are expensive, but they are absolutely worth it. The quality is beyond others, and they feel freaking incredible and look very professional. You can find them in an array of colors and in regularpetite, and long lengths and in plus sizesHERE. I’m wearing them above in navy, in the third picture in the bottom row. I wear size 4 as these run pretty large.

You can check them out at Liverpool’s site directly through that link, or you can look for them at Nordstrom, HERE, to utilize free shipping and free return shipping. Sizes and stock are sometimes less available at Nordstrom, but I tend to try there first because of the generous shipping/return policy.

3. Kohl’s Nine West Relaxed Blazer – size S
This is STRETCHY and SOFT, and it polishes up your outfits while keeping you comfy! If you’re in the market for a long blazer, wait for this one to go on sale and then try it out! I’m wearing it in plaid in the third outfit in the top row. This blazer comes in black and two other solid colors as well as the plaid one above, which I recently showed on the blog. I LOVE the plaid one—it screams fall! See them all in straight sizing HERE, petite sizing HERE, and in plus sizing HERE. I wear size S.

4. Nordstrom Wit & Wisdom Ankle Skinny Pants – size 4 and 6
Great for relaxed business casual settings. These pants are stretchy and soft, and they have a stretchy elastic waistband—my favorite! I’m wearing them above in green in the second outfit in the bottom row. They come in 11 colors in straight sizesHERE. Available in 2 colors in plus sizesHERE. I fit both sizes 4 and 6 depending on the color, which I know is not helpful! Ha, sorry. FWIW, Nordstrom offers free shipping and free return shipping on all orders, and I always recommend ordering two sizes to find your best fit anyway.

5. Amazon Short Sleeve Wrap Dress – size M
This is a great option for work or going out, depending on which print you get and how you style it. Like the one above, the material is soft and smooth with stretch, but instead of feeling like a jersey type of dress, it’s a little smoother and thicker, so I feel like it dresses up a bit better and also doesn’t show every lump and bump as much as some jersey dresses do. It’s really COMFY to wear but looks nice and polished! Plus, it has POCKETS! The cross-front is real here too, so if you are a breastfeeding mama, this would work. It’s under $34 and comes in 34 prints and colors(!!) and sizes S to 3XLHERE. I wear size M.

6. Nordstrom Caslon Knit Blazer – size XS
This has been a PMT fan favorite for YEARS, and it was on the top sellers list again for all of 2021. This blazer feels like a SWEATSHIRT, so it’s really, really comfortable while still helping you look polished for work. It’s also great if you want to wear blazers to change up your work look but also don’t want to look super corporate or very business professional, as most blazers tend to do. I’m wearing it above in the first outfit in the bottom row.

It’s almost always available during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and then on sale throughout different parts of the year, though sizes are much less available after the NSale. Find it in several colors, HERE. I wear size XS as this tends to run very large. However, the sleeves might feel tight for some if you size down that much, so I would encourage you to order two sizes if they’re both available, then utilize Nordstrom’s free return shipping (yes, on all orders!) to easily mail back the ones that don’t work.

7. Nordstrom Rack Zodiac Neutral Flats – size 9
The flats I show ALL THE TIME because they go with everything! I’m wearing them in the two middle outfits in the bottom row above. And they’re 30% off! I wear size 9.

8. Nordstrom Rack Printed Blouse – size S
This top has a flowy, loose fit that offers some breathing room, and the sheer sleeves add some lightness to help soften up the look. Easy, stylish, and COMFORTABLE outfit for work! 😊 And it’s just $24.97!

9. Amazon Leather Wristlet
Toss this in your larger bag or take out to use on its own! This genuine leather wristlet comes in 50(!!) options and has 4.5 stars and over 4,800 reviews! And it’s $19-29!! Wear this also for date night or a special event!

10. Amazon Puff Sleeve Sweater
This is from one of our link lists via PMT Emails as well, so I don’t own it. It’s really cute with its puff shoulders!

Those are some of the top selling items from the past month! I hope this helps you find some great items to build a great wardrobe!

With a lot of items and product recommendations out there, I want you choose purposefully and strategically what you add to your wardrobe so that you can do more with less.

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