Tiny Adjustments

Dress: Target  |  Denim jacket: Forever 21  |  Wedges & Booties: Target

Shoe indecision.  (Such a first world problem.)  My natural inclination is a clean, streamline look with the wedges, but I like the subtle ruggedness of the cowboy booties paired with the denim jacket.

Speaking of this jacket, I think it’s reached the decade mark!  Still going strong, though.  I almost got rid of it approximately one million times, but last year I decided that this bad boy was here to stay.  What changed my mind?  I finally realized that the simple act of rolling the sleeves gave this old-timer a profound face lift which sparked new life in it.

The plain sleeves are fine, but rolling the sleeves makes the outfit a tad sharper, which is a plus in my book!    Don’t you just love how significant one tiny adjustment can be?

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