The First Strapless Bra I’ve Ever Loved

Had a little photobomber in my picture!  This was one of the very, very, very rare times we’ve taken Addie along to shoot pics.  She looked at her floral dress, pointed to mine, said, “We match!” and ran over to hug me and wouldn’t let me go.  <3 <3 <3
Anyway, with all these summer dresses and off the shoulder tops, let’s talk STRAPLESS BRAS!  Several of you have asked for a strapless bra recommendation, and I’m happy to say I actually have one that I don’t want to rip off!  In fact, I never have to adjust it through out the day.  In faaaaact, I sometimes forget I’m wearing a bra.  WHAAAT?  Yep.  I don’t want to oversell this thing to you, but really, it’s pretty darn good!  
There are actually TWO strapless bras I want to recommend to you.  But first, let me warn you that if you are used to $16.99 strapless bras from Target like I was, these will give you sticker shock.  However, they are a world of a difference, trust me!  
If you are looking for a good strapless bra, the two that you need to try are this one from Wacoal and this one from Natori.
I’ve wanted to try the Wacoal one (HERE) because it has over 500 raving reviews!  Sadly, they don’t have it in my size. *insert crying emoji* If your size is there, you should try them for sure!  
Instead, I tried the Natori strapless bra (HERE) and LOVE it!  Like I said, I don’t have to pull it up through out the day.  It totally stays in place and feels comfortable.  Nothing digs into my skin uncomfortably like my previous strapless bras had.  And sometimes when I’m ready to change into my lounge clothes, I actually just keep on the strapless bra because it doesn’t bother me at all to wear it!  I’ve had many a dance party with Addie wearing this strapless bra and never felt the need to pull it up.  I often forget I’m wearing a strapless bra–or any bra, for that matter!  I know this bra is pretty expensive, but because it’s so comfortable, I no longer have hesitations about wearing a strapless bra and wear this so often now.  Do yourself a favor and try one of those two strapless bras!
I wear mine with my casual black maxi dress.  Many people have asked if you “have to” wear a strapless bra with it because everyone loathes wearing one, especially for casual everyday activities.  The answer is yes, you have to wear a strapless bra, but I don’t loathe it because of this Natori bra!  🙂   
A note on Natori bras in general:  About a year ago a sales associate introduced me to this Natori t-shirt bra, and it has been the most comfortable bra I’ve owned.  Other Natori bras I’ve tried are pretty darn good too, but the t-shirt bra is the one that I felt was like night and day from my other bras.  I feel similarly about the strapless bra.
Also, I’ve been wanting to try ThirdLove bras as well.  Based on things I’ve heard, these might rival my Natori bras!
My dress is one of the ones I showed in yesterday’s post where I gave 3 tips on finding a dress you can wear in multiple settings.  It’s gorgeous, and I love it so much!  One note, I’m wearing Medium.  (I’m usually size 6/8 or S/M for reference.)  It shrinks a little when you wash it, but you can extend it back out if you steam it with a clothing steamer like THIS or THIS.
Have any of you tried the Wacoal or Natori bras?  How about the Third Love ones–particularly the strapless ones?  
Shop for the Look:
Dress: Nordstrom (exact–wearing size M)
Jacket: Old Navy (similar, similar)
Strapless Bra: (exact)
Hat: Old Navy (almost exact–current version, similar)
Bag: Nordstrom (exact)
Sandals: Nordstrom (similar)
Necklace: c/o Dear Mushka (exact)
Watch: c/o JORD (exact)

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