The Secret to Being Comfortable in Almost Any Pair of Shoes + Worldwide Shipping + Special DISCOUNT!

I dare any of you to tell me you don’t want your shoes to be more comfortable!  😛  You should know by now that I’m very much about dressing comfortably, and that includes footwear.  So today we’re talking about the BEST secret I’ve ever discovered for my feet–AirPufs!  They make my shoes comfortable all day long, and I seriously have not been able to live without them since discovering them 2 years ago!

When I first collaborated with AirPufs 2 years ago (HERE), I told AirPufs owner Chai that I wouldn’t agree to posting unless I tried the product first and genuinely believed they were better than other insoles.  I’ve tried many, many insoles, and AirPufs have been the absolute best.  Not only do they come in really pretty prints, and not only are they super thin, they beat out all other insoles in function!

I wrote an extensive review 2 years doing a direct comparison between AirPufs and the standard brand I was using HERE.  Yall need to check it out!  In a nutshell, while their comfort levels felt the same initially, after about 10 minutes the standard brand lost its cushiness and I could feel the hardness of my shoe at the balls of my feet.  With AirPufs, however, I never felt the bottom of my shoe and the cushiness lasted all day.

Also super important: My initial impression of them was kind of like “Meh, what’s the big deal?”  They didn’t feel extraordinarily cushiony or anything like that.  When I became impressed was after walking and standing for HOURS in heels and not feeling pain in the balls of my toes or heels of my feet.  Does that make sense?  It’s not the initial wear that was impressive, but it was realizing the impact they had over a long period of wearing them.  It’s important to note in case you feel them and right away are like, “Um, what’s the big deal?”  Give them a shot by walking around in them for the day and see if your feet hurt less than they normally would.

There’s more, too, like how I dance at weddings in crappy H&M heels without wanting to take my shoes off.  They are the best, so go read my in-depth review HERE!

I wear AirPufs in almost all of my shoes.  It doesn’t matter if they’re heels, boots, booties, or flats.  I really can’t live without them and have been spoiled over the last 2 years from AirPufs’ padding!  Unless I’m in sneakers or unless my shoes fit *just* enough that I can’t add the super thin AirPufs without squishing my toes, I’ll wear AirPufs.  I even have several pairs of shoes that already come with extra cushion, like my Natualizer maroon pumps (HERE), Lucky Boots (HERE), and Sam Edelman flats (HERE), but I still wear AirPufs with them because they provide the LASTING comfort that I talked about in the review post.

AirPufs recently came out with new designs that are soooo pretty.  I particularly love the Something Blue (HERE), Blossom (HERE), and Vintage Hibiscus (HERE), but there are also fun and quirky prints like pineapples, watermelons, and cactuses!

There’s an adhesive strip on the back to secure the AirPufs in your shoes, but for the most part I personally don’t use the adhesive so that I can take the AirPufs out and switch them in all my shoes.  I have a few pairs in which the AirPufs will slip around too much if not adhered, but for the most part once my foot is in the shoes the AirPufs stay in place.  

Special Promos + Worldwide Shipping
To celebrate the new designs and to give you all a chance to spoil your feet, AirPufs is giving PMT readers TWO special discounts!

  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free (for the first 100 people)
  • Buy 3 Get 1 Free + 1 Free Shoe Bag (for the first 50 people)

You can shop all the designs either on Etsy HERE or directly through the AirPufs web store HERE.  AirPufs has split the availability of the promos between Etsy and the web store, so if the promo has run out on one site, try the other.

On both Etsy and the web store you should see item options that say “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” or “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” (plus for the Buy 3 deal the first 50 people will get a free shoe bag).

I’d highly encourage you to take advantage of these deals and give AirPufs a shot!  Or maybe don’t, because then you’ll be addicted like me!  😀

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