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The Best Diaper Bag
Feather Print Top
The Best Diaper Bag
The Best Diaper Bag
I have LOVED Addie reaching that super interactive toddler
stage.  I get a kick out of having
conversations with her and hearing her tell stories (in partial sentence
toddler speak, but stories nonetheless). 
It also makes going to places like the children’s museum or zoo way more
fun because she actually understands what’s happening.  For the last 6 months or so, our weekends have been filled with those kinds of activities!  
While I don’t love carrying a lot of stuff around, for some
trips it’s inevitable with a toddler.  That’s when I need to bring out the big guns–the diaper bags.  We have 3 Lily Jade bags that have taken us through Addie’s birth and are still going strong 2 years later!  I failed to list them in yesterday’s bag roundup because I only meant to focus on handbags, not specialty bags like luggage, beach bags, or diaper bags.  BUT, our diaper bags are so pretty and look like normal bags, so maybe they should be counted, eh?  On the other hand, they’re really more for Addie and all her crap than me, haha!  
Even though we’d rather not bring Addie’s excess toys around, at least our Lily Jade diaper bag can hold a lot while still
enabling us to be hands free with the cross body strap.  Some of their other bags also have a backpack
!  All the bags have a TON of
pockets to keep everything organized
thanks to a removable organizational insert that comes
with every bag.  (See the organizer insert HERE.)  
The one I’m showing today is called the Rosie, which is newer in Lily Jade’s collection.  It’s become my favorite because it’s more structured than the other LJ bags I own.  If I ever needed to (and as I’m writing this I’m reminding myself that I could) I could carry my laptop in it alongside Addie’s stuff.  And I’d still get the help of all the great pockets to organize Addie’s stuff from mine.
The bags are pretty expensive because they are very well
made and genuine leather.  But since they
are basically “normal” bags, you’ll continue using them well beyond the child
rearing days!
Fun fact: After we took these pics we went to the children’s
museum.  We ran into some of our friends who were with another family we didn’t know.  The mom in that family was wearing a Lily
Jade bag!  She had just had her 2nd
kid, and since they didn’t need to buy as much baby gear like they did with kid
#1, they opted to buy a beautiful Lily Jade bag instead!  
You can check out all of Lily Jade’s super gorgeous bags HERE!  Also, they have really pretty lining, either a fun bright red or a new and sooooooooooo pretty turquoise!

Shop for the Look:
Top: c/o ModCloth (exact)
Jeans: Nordstrom (similar)
Boots: Target (exact
Bag: c/o Lily Jade (exact)

Created in partnership with Lily Jade
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