Dress: Nordstrom Rack (I think…)  |  Scarf: Banana Republic Factory
Leggings: American Apparel  |  Boots: Target  |  Belt: Lulu’s

B (husband) and I are in the Bay Area this week for Thanksgiving, and I’m SO happy!  That means orange and red leaves, crisp air, and dew on my car in the morning.  It means FALL.  For real.  Not like how I have to pretend it’s fall in San Diego.  And that means it’s time to break out one of my favorite scarves.  I seriously love this thing.  
Now that I’m really in the fall / holiday spirit, I think it’s appropriate to link up with Kristina J to share ten blessings I’m thankful for.  (Have you seen Kristina J’s blog yet?  I just found it last week and I love it!)  Here we go…
  1. My super duper awesome, loving, patient, serving, humble husband, B.
  2. Our house.  How we found it is a cool story, and every day I walk into it so thankful to have it.
  3. Chocolate ice cream!  Make no mistake, I don’t take this for granted.
  4. That I live 4 min away from Target.  Score.  🙂
  5. Rain on rooftops, especially when I’m cozied up in bed.
  6. Boba aka pearl milk tea aka bubble tea.  Need I say more?
  7. Playing with kids!  Of course.
  8. Getting to do something I love and change people’s lives everyday.
  9. Getting to make music with some very gifted people.
  10. This blog and the blogging community–(that’s you).  Seriously, each of your comments brightens my day, so THANK YOU for even reading this thing!
What’s one thing you’re thankful for?
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