Teal & Orange

Top: Old Navy  |  Moto jacket: Forever 21 (shop)  |  Skirt: JCPenny  |  Shoes: Urban Outfitters (shop)

I don’t work in an office, but sometimes I like to pretend I do, like the day I busted out this teal pencil skirt for the first time.  I had vague ideas for how to style it, none of which I loved, but I kept it anyway because, well…a teal pencil skirt at $20?  C’mon!  Teal and pencil skirts.  Two of my superficial loves.

I was determined to figure it out eventually, and I wanted to test my closet to see if all the work I’ve put into building a remixable wardrobe paid off.  Have my closet and my remixing skills gotten to the place where I can buy nearly anything and come up with an outfit for it without having to buy new things to go with it?  (And come up with 2 more outfits?)  I’d say success!  I really like the springiness of this outfit.  Just looking at it brightens my mood!  Just in time for it to rain later this week…boo.

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