The Tale of the Yellow Skirt and the Shopping Ban

Top: Target (Thanks for the tip, Lilly!)  |  Skirt: JCPenny via Buffalo Exchange  |  Wedges: Target

See this yellow skirt?  Looks all innocent and cute, and maybe like it’d be fun because it’s such a bright color, but don’t be fooled, friends.  You see, this lovely little thing caused me to put a shopping ban on myself during September.  
I KNOW.  I thought I would cave in, but I’m so glad to say I prevailed and it wasn’t even that hard!
I got this skirt from Buffalo Exchange in the middle of August, and since I recently learned to sew I intended to take up the length a few inches.  It was originally like this:  
Please excuse the horrible lighting…

The longer length was fine, but I felt that taking off a few inches would allow it to be more casual, which would be more versatile for my lifestyle.  But it sat on the back of my computer chair for a month and a half.  A MONTH AND A HALF, PEOPLES.

And some days I’d come home with new purchases only to have this yellow skirt staring back at me.  Finally, sensibility kicked in.  How could I buy more clothes when there is a garment lying around that I haven’t ever worn?

So, I hunkered down and tackled my fear of doing my first hem, which especially scared me because it involved cutting off fabric.  I’m proud to say I did it…but don’t look closely!  🙂  It’s not perfect, and it was hard because there are actually pleats in the back like this:

Photo from

But I did it!  I love the color of this skirt and am so proud that I hemmed it!

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