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Dress turned into Top: Forever 21  |  Shorts: NY&Co.  |  Flats: Gap Outlet  |  Belt: Forever 21  |  Bracelet: Target

Originally I wanted to wear this outfit with shoes like these:

Wouldn’t that have been so hot?  I think those shoes would have changed and defined this outfit.  But I’m not wearing those shoes because although I found the mock pair at Target on clearance, when I tried to walk in them I thought I might break my ankles.  (How do people do it?)  I chose to keep my ankles in tact and had to return them.  Sad times.  I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of wedges with a thick black strap which I think would have the same effect.  It’s one of those items that when I put on outfits I think, “Man, a pair of those would be really helpful right now.”

Anyway!  So, I was tagged in the One Lovely Blog Award thing like a month and a half ago from Alyssa and I kept forgetting to do it!  So here it goes.  Seven random facts about myself:

  1. I had hair down to my waist until I was about 23.  My hair grows like weeds, so I’ve donated hair to Locks of Love three times.
  2. I took Tae Kwon Do when I was younger.  Through out high school I played volleyball and did track & field.  
  3. I considered majoring in Spanish Lit in college.  I love Spanish, but I’m glad I chose a different major!
  4. I barely talk about it on this blog, but singing and music takes up most of my time–for both my work and non-work environments.  
  5. When I turned 18 I pierced my belly button.  It’s in the top three most painful things I’ve endured (since I haven’t birthed children yet).  And 10 years later, my mom still doesn’t know it’s pierced.  Ha.
  6. It’s pretty hard to gross me out.  However, I do get grossed out by my the two things I fear most: 1) Birds.  I’ve been pooped on plenty and have stories to tell.  2) Getting my eyeballs poked out…or anyone’s eyeballs getting poked out, really.  
  7. Two of my favorite sounds are of heavy rain hitting my rooftop and of children laughing!  (Coincidentally, Van just wrote on her blog, “Is there anything better than a child’s laughter?”  Nope, there isn’t.)

And now I have to tag people.  I’d actually love to tag you ALL.  Really.  So I’m tagging you, and if you want to comment with 7 random things about you please do!  Or write it on your own blog and link it below because I’d love to know more about you!  Really, really, really.  I mean it.  🙂

But I’m gonna call out the following people in hopes to add peer pressure and make you more likely to do it!  😀
Morgan – Mama Loves Papa
Jess – Animated Cardigan

This is my chance to get to know more about each of you.  Please don’t leave me hanging and don’t be shy!
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