Finding a Remixable Top

Top: Buffalo Exchange  |  Jeans: Gap  |  Wedges: Target
I originally had a post up about makeup organization, but at the last minute I decided I wanted to participate in Kayla‘s 21 Day Challenge!  The makeup post can wait a little longer.

The first day of the challenge was Monday, and the challenge was to choose an item to remix 3 times during the course of 21 days.  Having just finished the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge, you’d think I wouldn’t want to remix anymore.  Nope!  I actually want to build my whole closet to be highly remixable.

I bought this top at Buffalo Exchange on Friday.  When deciding whether or not to buy a top, I now run through a quick, basic checklist for whether the top will be easy to remix.  It’s usually:

  1. Does it look good belted?
  2. Can it be tucked into a skirt?
  3. Can I wear it by itself (or maybe with a necklace)?
Of course, there are other ways to remix tops, like with layering, but these are the very basic criteria for whether I will buy the shirt.  How do you decide whether to buy a top?
Participate in Kayla’s 21 Day Challenge here!
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