Swap Partaay!

This weekend, nine friends gathered at my house with all of our unwanted clothes to swap with each other.  As you can see, we had TONS of clothes, and I think everyone came away with fun stuff.  Swap parties are so awesome for refreshing your closet without having to spend any money!
We grouped everything and laid them out all over my little house.
Bottoms on the couch, sweaters on the table, jackets on the chair.
These are just the tops.  So many clothes!
We spent the first 20 minutes perusing.  
Then, all at once, we each got to grab 3-5 things we had our eye on and try them on.  
If we liked them, we kept them.  
After a few more rounds of that we eventually went free-for-all style.

I’ve only been part of one other swap party, which was also at my house.  There were way more people, but way less clothes, and not as many pieces I wanted.  I definitely like what I scored this time more than last time.  In fact, I passed on all the pieces I got from my last swap party to people at this one!  Shh, don’t tell people from the last swap party…
Here’s what I came away with this time:
1.  Black shift dress
2.  Light pink dress – brand new, with tags!
3.  Polka dot ruffle tank – so cute.
4.  Brown boots – Can you ever have too many pairs of boots?  Especially when they’re free.
5.  Green sweater – still not sure about this.  Thoughts?
6.  Teal scarf – I love this color!  It has a stain on it, but if I can’t get it out I can at least hide it.
7.  Faux pearl bracelets
My favorite is the pink dress.  Can you believe it still has its tags?  I can’t wait to pair this with some boots and a moto jacket…too bad I need a moto jacket first!  You’d better believe it’s high up on my list of future purchases.  Or better yet, maybe someone has one they don’t want anymore that they’d wanna swap?  😉
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