Summer Getaway: Beach Trip

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If I can get my act together I’d like to post a summer getaway packing list complete with outfit ideas.  But, that’s a huuuuuge IF.  For now, here’s a lighter version that focuses just on a trip to the beach or the pool!

Thanks to our babymoon to Hawaii I’ve been revamping my beach/pool gear.  Even though I live in San Diego I managed to have really old stuff or none at all in some of the categories featured above.  So, I was shopping for all of it: a new swimsuit, beach towel, sundress, coverup, beach tote, and hat.

I brought the swimsuit shown above to Hawaii, so my current top hit list item is a floppy sun hat.  I tan easily and seldom burn, and in my naive youth I considered the sun my friend instead of something I needed protection from.  But, before you rail me about that, rest assured that I’m older and wiser now and I know better.  And that’s why I desperately need a hat to help better protect my skin!  I’ve tried every single floppy hat at Target at least three times, but this head doesn’t play nice with hats.  However, I’m determined that there IS a hat out there for me.  I’m hoping this Old Navy one is it!

Discount Codes with Frugaa
As you get going on your summer lists be sure to look for coupons and deals!  Frugaa is a site you can scope for current discounts and coupon codes for tons of top retailers.  Before buying, check the store list here and see if any promo codes are being offered.  Like, right now there’s a 20% off Gap code, so you can score that striped beach tote on sale!  And a 25% off Old Navy coupon for the dress, coverup, hat, or sandals above.

Their store list includes some of our faves like Target, Old Navy, Gap, JCPenney, and Kohls.

Another way to do it is to see all the coupons offered for clothing, shoes, or whatever category you’re looking for, and start with the stores that are offering deals.

What summer getaway item are you on the lookout for?

This post was sponsored by Frugaa.  All opinions are mine.  Find more info on PMT’s disclosure and sponsorship policies here.

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