My Summer Capsule Wardrobe + Summer Outfit Guide

Summer Capsule Wardrobe + 2 Weeks of Outfits
I’m sooooo excited to say that I finally have a handle on my summer wardrobe!  I’ve hated summer dressing for the last few years.  Between being pregnant, postpartum, or nursing for several summers in a row, the summer section of my wardrobe was sorely lacking, and I never really built a great one after all that.  Last summer I constantly felt like I was piecing together a hodgepodge of clothes.  I had gaping holes in my summer wardrobe, was missing basics, and felt like I had nothing to wear.  Oh, and where I live, summer often lasts until October or November, so that feeling of piecing together a hodgepodge of clothes lasted a loooong time.

This summer I was determined to create a plan for my summer wardrobe, and so far it’s looking good!You could call this a capsule wardrobe, but I’d call it more of a starter kit wardrobe since I have more summer pieces than these and have no qualms about adding more for fun.  Whatever you want to call it or however you want to use it, it will give you a fantastic foundation for a mix and match summer wardrobe.

I used the tips from Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe, but applied it to summer instead of winter style.  According to the steps from that post, I wrote down the weather in my area (80s and some humidity), listed typical activities (working from home, errands, church, leading worship at church, work meetings, outdoor summer playtime with a toddler), looked up summer style to emulate from Pinterest, determined 5-7 outfit formulas, wrote down key pieces I needed, assessed what I already had in my closet from said key pieces, and created a shopping list to fill holes.  For a more detailed step-by-step process, check out the Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe post!
This is crafted for casual to dressy-casual activities.  You are totally welcome to copy it exactly, or you can adjust things to work for your own lifestyle and style.  Here’s how:
Follow the generalized descriptions under each garment.  If I show a black and white striped tee, you don’t have to use that.  Underneath it says “Printed Neutral Tee,” so you could use a navy and white polka dot tank top instead, for example.
Shop through the widgets below for more ideas.  I provide several options for each category to give ideas for other pieces that fit each of these descriptions.
Substitute or omit anything you don’t like.  Don’t use what won’t work for you, add more of one category, or substitute things.  Like, add more skirts if you want to.  Or use only tops without sleeves if you can’t stand sleeves during the summer.  Wear all maxi dresses, or substitute maxi dresses for shorter dresses.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe + 2 Weeks of Outfits


Items below are exact or similar to what’s shown above. If the exact item is not linked that means it is no longer available.

ROW 1:  printed tee  |  striped tee  |  white knotted tee  |  grey knotted tee  |  floral tee  |  floral cold shoulder
ROW 2:  lace top  |  green top  |  pink top  |  black floral print  |  yellow print  |  red print
ROW 3:  denim shorts  |  chambray shorts  |  white shorts  |  olive shorts  |  pink shorts
ROW 4:  yellow skirt  |  floral skirt  |  white skirt  |  blue striped skirt  |  denim vest  |  utility vest
ROW 5:  olive dress  |  printed dress  |  striped dress  |  yellow maxi  |  black maxi  |  bootcut jeans
ROW 6:  tan sandals  |  black sandals  |  metallic sandals  |  white sneakers  |  leopard sandals
ROW 7:  pom pom sandals  |  red sandals  |  neutral wedges  |  cutout heels  |  yellow heels
ROW 8:  white tassel  |  gold pendant  |  turquoise pendant  |  wood watch  |  gold statement  |  turquoise statement
Statement Earrings: Champagne | Tan Cutouts | White  

Below are more examples of pieces that fit each of the categories.  Hopefully this provides you with a broader range of items that could fit each of the general descriptions so that you can adapt this list to better suit your style.
Most items are less than $50.
If you are viewing from Bloglovin’ and cannot see the widgets below, click HERE to get out of the Bloglovin’ frame.  






























How are you feeling about your summer wardrobe?  What pieces do you need to add?  I still need to add a couple of colored tops and a colored dress or two.  My summer wardrobe currently has a lot of muted colors, but I definitely want it to be more colorful!  I’ve also been trying tons of shoes since I need more sandals that aren’t just…tan.  Haha!  Hopefully I’ll find some good ones soon!






Summer Capsule Wardrobe and 65+ Summer Outfits


65+ outfits made from the Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  Look cute through the hot summer months!

If you want this capsule wardrobe turned into outfits, you can now purchase the Summer Outfit Guide!  It comes with 65+ outfits from this capsule wardrobe.  There are many summer outfits from the Summer Capsule already here on the blog, but what’s helpful about the PDF is that all the outfits are right in front of you all in one place.  You can easily scan the PDF for ways to wear one piece.  Like, did you want 4 outfit ideas with the blue and white striped J.Crew Factory skirt?  It’ll be right there at your fingertips.  Same with every other piece in the summer capsule.
You can pick and choose from the 65+ outfits and plan a week’s worth of outfits within just a couple of minutes.  You don’t need to sift through numerous blog posts to collect all the outfits.
Also, the PDF includes generalized outfit formulas for each outfit, making it easy for you to adapt the outfits to work with your life and style.
Here are 2 weeks of outfits from the PDF:

Cute Casual Summer Outfits

Here they are in live form!  Isn’t it fun to see them go from little graphics to real live outfits?
Two Weeks of Summer Outfits
Click image for larger view



If you’re thinking you can’t wear these outfits because you don’t have these exact pieces, don’t worry!  See the Summer Capsule Wardrobe below and you’ll notice under each item there is a generalized description.  Pull something from your own closet that fits the description.  For example, if you don’t have a solid green top, the general description says “solid colored top,” so use any solid colored top you’ve got!  Similarly, if you don’t have a yellow skirt, but you have one in a different color, use that instead.  Or, if shorts are too casual for your lifestyle, use a skirt that matches the color description instead.  Think of these as outfit formulas rather than outfits you must replicate exactly in order for them to work.  🙂(In the PMT Style Challenge I actually write out every outfit formula for you.  E.g.  Outfit #1 would say “solid neutral tee + printed skirt + colored flats.”  Makes all the translating much easier for you!


The cost for 65+ outfits, all the outfit formulas, and being able to look cute through the rest of summer without having to think much about it would typically be $24.99, but since it’s the end of the summer I’m marking it down to only $12.99!  Click the red button below!

For more capsule wardrobes + planned outfits, check out the past PMT Challenges!

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