REVIEWS: Mix of Summer and Spring Items Starting from $8 (Old Navy, Amazon, JCPenney, Target)

Affordable Spring and Summer Clothing Reviews

Reviews of Spring and Summer Items

Y’all ready for spring to summer SALE SEASON? 🤩 We’ll be rounding up Memorial Day sale highlights tomorrow (Friday), but first I wanted to review some items that I’ve been meaning to tell you about for a while!

Today I have a mix of spring and summer items for you. And of course, as we head further into summer I’ll be sharing a lot more summer clothes!

BTW, my mirror is SO dirty, courtesy of Ella and Aiden. I tried to edit out the major splotches, but if you see suspicious looking blurs, just assume it was from Aiden’s mouth. 😆

SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and usually S/M or 6 in clothes.


Casual Outfit: MTV tee + denim shorts + white slip-on sneakers + white earrings

MTV T-Shirt – size M
What can I say? I LOVE this tee. Not only does it make me nostalgic, but this tee is thick, comfortable, and is originally only $12.99 but is currently ON SALE for $8 at the time of writing this! And it feels GREAT! It’s an off-white color that, like I said, is on the thicker side and totally not see-through, but it’s not stiff and boxy either. Just all around awesome.

Perhaps a thick tee isn’t what you want to wear in the hot months of summer, but if you live somewhere like I do with a lot of cooler or moderate weather left in the season, this is a fun addition. Did I mention it’s only $8?? Find it HERE. I sized up to M for a looser, more relaxed fit.

Shorts reviewed below…👇🏼

Casual Outfit: MTV tee + denim shorts + white slip-on sneakers close up side

JCPenney 5″ Distressed Denim Shorts – size 8
I shared these in the recent blog post with JCPenney, but just to reiterate, I think these are a fantastic, inexpensive option! Super duper stretchy, soft, comfy, and they have mild distressing to give them a more casual and relaxed vibe. Full measurements are 9.5″ rise, 4.5″ inseam (despite them saying 5″ inseam), 11″ leg opening when laid flat in size 8. Find these HERE. There is a pair with a higher rise that I *believe* is the same, HERE.


Casual Outfit: JCPenney frayed hem shorts + white tee + white earrings

JCPenney Frayed Hem Shorts – size 6 or 8
This is another comfy, inexpensive option. Also stretchy! Full measurements are 10″ rise, 5″ inseam, and 12″ leg opening when laid flat. These don’t fit me as well as the distressed pair above, but since the fit will differ depending on your body shape and measurements, I wanted to share these in case they work better for you. The leg opening is wider than average (by 1″ when laid flat, so about 2″ more in circumference), so if you have fuller thighs, these might be a good pair to try. Affordable, stretchy denim must be shared! 😁 But, shoooooot, I can’t remember if I was trying size 6 or 8 here (and I already returned them, so I can’t check again.) Ugh, sorry! I THINK I was wearing size 8 here. They come in four washes. Check them out, HERE.

Casual Outfit: JCPenney bermuda shorts + white tee + white slip-on sneakers

JCPenney Bermuda Shorts – size 6
These were also in my recent blog post with JCPenney, but I really like them, and they’re worth noting again. These are stretchy and comfy through out the legs and have a little bit of give in the waistband. If you’re looking for an affordable pair of Bermuda shorts, these are worth trying! Their full measurements are a 9.5″ rise, 8.75″ inseam, 8.5″ leg opening when laid flat in size 6. And they’re only $14.99 right now!!! They come in 4 washes, which you can see HERE.

Another pair of Bermuda shorts that I LOVE are the Wit & Wisdom ones HERE. These go in and out of stock. I’ve had them for a couple of years and they are so dang comfy with stretchy legs and a stretchy waistband. But, if you are looking for a more affordable pair, the JCPenney ones are really, really good.


Nicer Casual Outfit: Lark & Ro square neck black and camel spotted blouse + black shorts + nude t-strap sandals + teal earringsNicer Casual Outfit: Lark & Ro square neck navy and camel spotted blouse + black shorts + nude t-strap sandals + teal earrings close up

JCPenney Chino Shorts – 5″, 7″, and 9″ inseams – size 6
These chino shorts come in several inseams (3.5″, 5″, 7″, and 9″, all of which you can find HERE), and they are pretty soft, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to move around in. The one thing I don’t love about them is that the pockets stick out a little against my hips, which I’m trying to show in the closeup above. I think they’d lay flatter on straighter hips, so if that’s you, check these out! Above, I’m wearing the 7″ on the left (HERE) and 5″ on the right (HERE).

Full measurements for the 7″ pair are 9.25″ rise, 6.5″ inseam, 11″ leg opening when laid flat. Full measurements for the 5″ pair are 9″ rise, 4.5″ inseam, and 11.25″ leg opening when laid flat. Both measurements are for size 6. Note that the rises measure differently depending on the inseam. I had to double check that. I felt that difference when I was wearing them, but I thought it was just in my head. The measurements proved it true, though!

The 7″ pair comes in 6 colors (HERE), while the 5″ pair comes in 3 prints and 6 solid colors, including a couple of fun colors (HERE). I’m wearing size 6.


Nicer Casual Outfit: Amazon square neck navy and camel spotted blouse + black shorts + nude t-strap sandals + teal earrings close upNicer Casual Outfit: navy square neck top + jeans + nude flats + teal earrings + pendant necklace

Amazon Square Neck Top – Leopard Print & Solid Black
If you’re not shopping the brand Lark & Ro on Amazon yet, you should! It’s one of Amazon’s in-house brands, and they have some pretty good stuff, especially for items that transition between nicer casual to workwear easily. (That one Navy Vine Leaf print top that’s been a PMT Best Seller for like a thousand months is by Lark & Ro.)

This square neck top is VERY cute, with a beautiful square neckline that is very current for the season. It also has puffed shoulders. The material is the same as that Navy Vine Leaf print top which is a medium thickness that drapes decently and looks professional with slacks but can be dressed down with jeans.

I’m wearing size M which is a tad too big in the *neckline* for me and kind of slips off my shoulders a bit, but at the same time the part right under the armpit feels just right, so I don’t know that sizing down would help as it might be too tight around there. That said, it is still worth trying if you like the style in hopes that it fits you better than it fits me, because it’s VERY cute. It comes in 4 solid colors and 2 prints, HERE. And, it costs between $11-$26 depending on the size and color. Great piece!


Nicer Casual Outfit: navy square neck top + Amazon straight leg jeans + nude flats + pendant necklace

Amazon Straight Leg Jeans – size 8
As part of an affiliate program with Amazon, I sometimes get to choose a few items to try for free (from a set group of clothes, with no obligation or requirement to post about them). A few months ago I tried some of their straight leg jeans, and though it’s taken me a LONG time to finally review them and a lot of you may not even want to think about jeans right now, I want to share about them anyway because they’re pretty good!

These are by Goodthreads, and the denim is fairly thick and feels sturdy, but once they’re on you, they are surprisingly stretchy. A lot of times, stretchy denim can feel thin or not that supportive, if that makes sense. I haven’t worn these for a day yet (just tried them on quickly so far), but they exceeded my expectations.

They are an inch or so longer than I prefer, but other than that, I really like how they fit. And again, I like how secure they feel while being stretchy. AND they’re only $45.90, which is pretty good for how they feel!

I’m wearing the mid-rise version, which comes in 6 washes, HERE. I’m wearing size 8. There is also a high-rise version HERE.


Casual Outfit: Amazon pink tie dye sweatshirt + denim bermuda shorts + white slip-on sneakers + white earrings

Amazon Sweatshirt – size M
This is another piece I chose as a free product to try, and OHMYWORD, it is SOOOO soft and comfy! I don’t know that I love this print on myself (unfortunately, because I think it’s cute on other people), but the sweatshirt itself is REALLY comfy. It’s on the thin/medium end of the spectrum, and I think it’d be great for a cool summer evening. This comes in 5 colors, HERE. I’m wearing size M for that slightly oversized, slouchy look.


Casual Outfit: Old Navy luxe tunic tee leopard white + stretchtech joggers black olive + white slip-on sneakers + denim jacket + tan tote

Old Navy Lightweight StretchTech Joggers – size M (followed by a review of Amazon lightweight joggers) 
Do you remember in the recent post 6 Lightweight Pants for Summer, I RAVED about a pair of lightweight Old Navy joggers? I want to review another lightweight pair of joggers from Amazon.

First, in case you missed me sharing about the Old Navy StretchTech joggers, you HAVE TO check these out! They’re the ones I’m showing above. These are LIGHTWEIGHT and comfy with stretch, and they’re fantastic as your summer joggers! They have ribbed elastic at the bottom of the legs, along with zippers to open them up a bit if you really want some more breathability. They also have zippered pockets, which I love to keep items secure.

After posting these on Facebook, several other PMT ladies chimed in saying they also own them and love them!

They’re available in straight, petite, and tall lengths HERE and plus sizes HERE. I wear size M.

Casual Outfit: MTV tee + pink Amazon joggers + white slip-on sneakers + white earrings

Amazon Lightweight Joggers – size S 
A PMTer on Facebook mentioned these Amazon joggers, and of course I had to try them. These are similar to the Old Navy pair. The main differences are that these have slightly thicker cloth waistband with elastic, a slightly higher rise, cloth cuffs at the bottom of the legs, and just a different fit in some subtle ways. These do not have zippered pockets, and the material feels just sliiiiightly thicker than the Old Navy pair. The waistband on these is thicker in terms of how tall it is and the material itself, and it tends to fold down when I sit, which I don’t love. It might be a problem specific to me and where these happen to sit on my waist, so if you’re interested, it’s still worth trying to see how they’ll fit on you. These also come in a billion more colors than the Old Navy pair. Check them out HERE. I wear size S.


Dressy Outfit: Amazon rust bohemian tiered midi dress + metallic gold sandals + white earrings + pendant necklace Dressy Outfit: Amazon rust bohemian wrap tiered midi dress + white earrings + pendant necklace

Amazon Dress – size M
Our PMT team member found this Amazon dress, and it’s so cute that I had to order it and try it for you all. It’s lightweight and adorable! It has a faux-wrap top with a button to keep the top closed and secure. It’s lined from the top all the way to below the knees, and then the very bottom portion is slightly see-through, which gives the dress a more lightweight feel. You can dress this up with heels for nicer events (try the wedges or heels in my recent post 3 Types of Summer Shoes to Dress Up Outfits), or you can dress it down with flat sandals. It comes in 5 colors with this print in addition to a Swiss dot version in 5 colors. See them all HERE. I’m wearing size M.


Casual Outfit: Old Navy white luxe tunic tee + olive joggers + nude t-strap sandals + white earringsCasual Outfit: leopard tee + black joggers + white slip-on sneakers + tan earrings

Old Navy Luxe Tunic Tees – White & Leopard
These tees are verrrrry soft, stretchy, and super comfy, just like all of Old Navy’s luxe tops. They’re tunic length, so they’re really long, which is one thing I personally don’t love. I typically do a loose tuck in both the front and back and blouse it all out. Thankfully, this material drapes well, so the bloused out material lays fairly flat.

Another thing that I don’t love is that these tops tend to get a few wrinkles. In the pic above with the top untucked, you can see all the wrinkling that happened after it was tucked for a while. That doesn’t bother me as much since it wrinkled because it was tucked, so it wouldn’t be like that had I worn it out the whole time. With the pic of it tucked, you of course don’t see that part, but you can still see a little wrinkling in the tucked pic at the very bottom. That part is minor, but wrinkles nonetheless. It’s more noticeable with the white version and is hidden and not an issue at all with the leopard print.

I really like these tops for a loose, comfy option that is a slight step up from a basic tee. You can wear them in super casual outfits with jeans and shorts, or you could dress them up with jeans and wedges or pair them with skirts.

You will all be happy to know that the white tee is not very see-through. Now, the reality is that you can see through almost anything at least a little. But this one is less see-through than most, and with a nude colored bra, you can’t see through. Sometimes when my hair gets stuck under the shirt when I put it on, I can see my black hair peeking through a little. But that’s about it. I’m sure you can’t get away with something super brightly colored underneath, but generally speaking, this tee is pretty good in that regard, especially considering the other factors it has going for it, like its price, drape, and comfort.

As for the leopard print, I really, really, really love it. I don’t know if that would surprise any of you considering how much I love leopard print. 😆 It’s super comfy, and I like that you can wear it in very casual outfits and dress it up a little.

It comes in 3 solid colors and 3 prints. Check them out HERE. I wear size S.


Kut from the Kloth Helena Jacket in Sweet vs Amelia Jacket in Optic

KUT from the Kloth Denim Jacket Comparisons: Helena & Amelia
For the past few years, I’ve told you about the KUT from the Kloth Helena jacket in the color Sweet. It also comes in other colors, which you can find HERE. Since that has not been well stocked in Sweet lately, I recently tried a different denim jacket to find another comfy option for you. Here I’m doing a direct comparison. The new jacket is also by KFTK, and it’s called the Amelia, and I got the color Option. Spoiler alert: It’s great, too!!

The Helena and Amelia are cut fairly similarly and are slightly different in their details, which you can compare in the side-by-side close up above. Both are extremely comfortable, stretchy, lightweight, and fit close to the body.

The main difference I want to show is the color. The Helena in Sweet is a light wash, and while I personally really like it, it can be much too washed for some skin tones. As for the Amelia jacket in Option, I REALLY like the wash! It’s on the lighter side, but it has more blue in it and less white compared to Helena in Sweet.

Above is a side-by-side comparison of the Helena in Sweet and Amelia in Option laid flat next to each other and with me wearing them in the daylight so you can see the difference.

They’re both great, but if you find Helena in Sweet too washed for your coloring, then try the Amelia in Option. You can find it HERE in sizes XS to XL (via Nordstrom with free shipping and free return shipping) and HERE in sizes XXS to XXL (via KUT from the Kloth directly with free shipping and *I’m pretty sure* free return shipping to 48 states). I wear both of these jackets in size M.

*KUT’s return policy as laid out in their Terms of Use page: Return Policy; Shipping: You may return any item from your shipment you receive through the Service (in accordance with the instructions below and those provided with your shipment) within seven (7) days after it is delivered. For free returns, any items must be returned using either the pre-paid return label and box or the pre-labeled return bag provided by SWATFAME, and items must be unworn (other than “tried-on”), in their original condition and include all original tags and packaging. Shipping is not available to all locations. Members will not be charged fees for shipping or return shipping, except in special circumstances (where we will give you advance notice). All items you receive through the Service will be shipped by a third-party carrier.

That’s it for today! Check back tomorrow for Memorial Day sale highlights!


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