Style Upgrade Session – Ujjaini’s Classic and Whimsical Petite Style

Today we’re again going behind the scenes of another Style Upgrade session*. Last week I shared one for Jessica, and this time it’s for PMT Style Club member, Ujjaini!

Ujjaini’s and Jessica’s styles are very different from each other (and from my style!). I wanted to do a post on each of their style sessions because seeing and dissecting different styles helps you start to understand your own style more.

Let’s take a look at Ujjaini’s style! And, if you want to see the contrast between her style and others’ styles, check out these behind-the-scenes Style Upgrades for Jessica and Maya, HERE.

*In the PMT Style Club, we focus on helping members cultivate their own personal styles. In these Style Upgrade sessions, you have the chance to get personal virtual styling services from me and another stylist on our team, Courtney. We choose pieces according to your style, lifestyle, and body type, put together some looks for you, and teach you tips to pull off your upgraded style. (Yes, it’s totally free for members! And, yes, it’s really fun, though slots are limited!) It’s one of several ways we provide hands-on help and coaching to really help you hone your style.


About Ujjaini’s Style

Ujjaini asked for help finding work clothes for her petite frame. She knows that nailing the fit of her clothes is of ultimate importance in order to feel polished and put together, especially as a petite person, and she specifically wanted help finding pant options. Fit is always important, but for petite women, it’s even more important as there is less margin for error.

Ujjaini created a Pinterest board with outfits she was drawn to. From there, we deciphered her Key Style Elements and put together some looks to upgrade her style.

Here’s a sample of Ujjaini’s Pinterest board:

Style Upgrade Session - Ujjaini's Classic and Whimsical Petite Style


Ujjaini’s Style Type & Key Style Elements

Ujjaini’s board has Classic elements mixed with some Romantic and Whimsical elements. Classic elements can sometimes seem very stiff and tailored, but when they have Romantic and Whimsical details, it adds softness and playfulness to keep them from seeming too rigid or stiff. Ujjaini also enjoys colors (and looks great in so many colors!), so we played into that.

As for some of her Key Style Elements, she has outfits that have tailored elements with fun pops of color, print, or both. She’s drawn to very Classic prints like gingham, polka dots, plaid, and stripes. She’s also drawn to classic pieces like button up shirts and blazers, though the shirts often have a fun print and the blazers can be in an exciting color.


Our Outfits for Ujjaini Petite & Straight Size Friendly

Here are some of the outfits we created for Ujjaini to capture her style and help set a direction for her to upgrade her looks. It includes workwear and casual outfits.

pink graphic print sweater + pink and ivory and orange plaid shirt + pink sweater + ivory sweater + flare jeans + white sneakers + orange floral top + pink and teal and black striped sweater + navy kick flare pants + camel sweater blazer + white and black striped tee + red flats + pink blazer + camel straight leg cropped pants + green coat + white blazer + straight leg jeans

Ujjaini asked for help with petite-sized clothing, so all of these items are petite-friendly, but most also come in straight sizing.

We found tops and layers in a variety of prints and colors. We specifically looked for saturated and strong colors, which she is drawn to, fit her style, and suit her coloring well.

We love the idea of kick flare bottoms for her because they add some curve and give outfits some playful movement, which is right in line with her playful style. But, of course, she can go for straight leg options, too.

We did add one pair of straight leg jeans (bottom right) for some variety.

For denim washes, we encouraged her to go for jeans with a strong blue color, versus blue jeans that are dulled a little with grey in them, in order to match the strength of the bold colors she loves.

Formulas for Outfits

We then created some formulas for Ujjaini that she can use over and over to create different outfits that have her Key Style Elements.

Formula #1 (top left set): Jeans + Printed Shirt + Sweater (in a color from the print of the shirt) Layered Over the Shirt + White Sneakers
Ujjaini likes the layered look, so we wanted to show her how to do that. Three sweater options are shown: one with a cute print, one in a solid color, and one in a neutral color. She can choose any of those, depending on how bold or how simple she wants the outfit to be. And, she can “rinse and repeat” this formula with a top in different colors and sweaters in coordinating colors.

Formula #2 (top right set): Printed Top (color or neutral) + Neutral Bottoms + Neutral Blazer
Top it off with shoes or a pop of color!

Formula #3 (bottom left set): Neutral Printed Top + Neutral Bottoms + Blazer or Tailored Layer (color or neutral)
This is an easy way for her to incorporate those colored blazers she loves!

Formula #4 (bottom right): Jeans + Colorful Printed Shirt or Sweater + White Sneakers
This is a way to make classic wardrobe staples, jeans and white sneakers, bold with your personality let a bold shirt be the star!

Even though her style is FULL of color and prints, Ujjaini can easily mix and match these pieces!

I hope you enjoyed seeing other people’s style and are getting ideas for what your style can be!



Shop Ujjaini’s Pieces

Here are the pieces featured in the outfits above, along with more items we pulled for Ujjaini. They all come in petite sizing as well as straight sizing.

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