Style Upgrade Session – Behind the Scenes Creating Professor Outfits for PMT Member Jessica

Want to sit in on a mini 1:1 style session for a fellow PMTer?

We recently did Style Upgrade sessions for three of our PMT Style Club members, and I want to share a sneak peek of the session we did for one of our members, Jessica!

In the PMT Style Club, we focus on helping members cultivate their own personal styles, and since many of you are trying to find or update your style, I thought it’d be helpful to showcase some different styles to give you inspiration.

In these Style Upgrade sessions, you have the chance to get personal virtual styling services from me and another stylist on our team, Courtney. We choose pieces according to your style, lifestyle, and body type, put together some looks for you, and teach you tips to pull off your upgraded style. (And, yes, it’s totally free for members, and yes, it’s really fun, though slots are limited!) It’s one of several ways we provide hands-on help and coaching to really help you hone your style.

We found so many good pieces for Jessica’s style that we couldn’t not share them, so here we go!


About Jessica’s Style

Jessica is a professor and wanted help with clothes for work that project confidence, authority, and approachability, while also showing a little personality.

She found herself in a black pants rut and sought to add variety as well as colors that better suit her fair skin and blonde complexion. She also needs things to be machine washable because…kids. We all know how that goes!

We had Jessica create a Pinterest board with outfits she’s drawn to. From there, we determined her Style Type Mix and her Key Style Elements, shopped, and put together outfits.

Here’s a sample of Jessica’s Pinterest board:

Outfits for Professors


Jessica’s Style Type & Key Style Elements

Jessica’s style is pretty Classic with some slight Romantic elements.

As for some of her Key Style Elements, a lot of these outfits have a tailored and edited appearance, but they don’t appear stiff and rigid. Rather, they’re softened up by elements like flowy blouses or rounded hems for blazers (instead of sharp pointed hems), for example. Stripes are the primary print we see here. Notably, the stripes are medium in width, rather than being very thin and flimsy looking. They have a stronger presence and, again, a clean and classic appearance. We also see small doses of floral prints here, often in scarves.

As you can see, she loves both wide leg pants outfits and slim straight leg pants outfits. You don’t really see flares or bootcuts here, rather you see the very edited and straight lines of wide leg pants and slim straight leg pants.

We also see primarily softer colors versus super saturated tones, for example. So, we focused on soft tones when shopping for her. Softer tones work well with Jessica’s coloring, too.


Our Outfits for Jessica

Here are some of the outfits we created for Jessica to capture her style and help set a direction for her to move forward with her style. It includes workwear and casual outfits.

striped sweater + pink sweater + pink blouse + white blouse + white cardigan + pink blazer + navy pants + camel pants + black jeans + light wash blude jeans + camel wool coat + camel mules + camel loafers + black loafers + tan booties + camel kitten heel boots + white sneakers

Courtney loves to call Jessica’s style “off-duty princess” because of the polished and tailored elements, so here we are. 😄

We stuck with some colors Jessica already named, like blush, light grey, cream, navy, and a little black. We pulled pieces in other colors that would also work with this palette, which are in the widget below.

Overall Elements
We mixed tailored pieces that have straighter lines, like ankle-length straight leg jeans and pants, with flowy blouses and soft sweaters.

Sweater Blazers (instead of regular blazers)
One note is that Jessica pinned a lot of blazer outfits but said she wouldn’t actually wear blazers. We heard that, so we mostly avoided them. But, we did give her a couple options for sweater blazers (THIS one and THIS one) as alternatives that are much softer, both in fabric and in appearance, in case she ever wants to add one to sharpen up her outfits.

There are four pairs of pants in an array of neutral colors that pair well with a lot of different tops. Two of the pants are typical slacks and one is a pair of wide leg cotton pants, which just adds a little variety in texture from slacks. However, wide leg trousers would work as well.

We primarily showcased striped sweaters, including one that is more fitted and a little thinner so that it works better tucked into wide leg pants, and one that is slightly oversized, which makes a fun statement paired with slimmer straight leg pants and jeans.

Flowy Tops
We chose the flowy blouse with an open neckline, as the open neckline creates movement, and the gathering at the shoulders adds small touches that soften up the piece. (Oh, and we found a similar one that’s a machine-washable silk top!!)

Wool Coat
Courtney was committed to Jessica having a wool coat! Not only is it popular right now, but it’s also all over Jessica’s board. The one here has a totally classic vibe that works well with Jessica’s style.

For shoes, we rounded up several in the light tan, sand, taupe realm which work really well with the softened tones in her color palette. They also relate to her hair color, which will help create even more cohesion in her outfits.

These pieces mix and match so easily! You can find the clothes in the widget below, along with a bunch of other items we pulled for Jessica.

Shop Jessica’s Pieces:

I hope you enjoyed this peek at Jessica’s style session! It feels amazing when you hone your style and can create a wardrobe that really feels like you.

Next week I’ll share some styles that are totally different than this one to give you more inspiration.

And, if you are interested in figuring out YOUR OWN Key Style Elements, I have a FREE workshop coming up to help you do that!

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