Stoke of Boldness

Tee: Target (shop)  |  Jeans: Target (shop; similar; similar)  |  Necklace: Old Navy  |  Wallet: Gussy Sews (shop)
Normally I’d be scared to wear solid color from head to toe with no neutrals to hide behind.  But I was injected with a stroke of boldness after spending a week in Texas with my firey Puerto Rican friend who wore bright green jeans with a hot pink tee, plus her platinum blonde dyed hair.  And jewelry.  Lots of shiny jewelry.  I channeled her all day as I wore this outfit.  Plus, if I’m honest, with these mint jeans being on the pale side it didn’t seem quite as scary.  I don’t know if I could do bright green and hot pink head to toe, but maybe someday.  I love how fresh, light, and summery this outfit feels!

(Only after half a day in it did I realize I recently did a mint and tangerine outfit.  Well, here’s to another one!  Also, I was having a hard time getting the color right on these jeans, so I gave up.  I think it’s close, but these are indeed mint jeans.)

Also, check out the cute little wallet that was sent to me by Gussy Sews.  

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