Staycationing and Anniversarying

I know, I’ve been slacking on the outfit posts lately.  Contrary to what some may suspect, it is not because I am pregnant.  Sorry, folks!  Since two weekends ago until now, real life has just been full of goodness and it whisked me away before I could take outfit pics.

If you follow me on Instagram (moomooaudrey) you might have seen that last weekend I was in Chicago, locked in a recording studio for 11 hours a day.  Then I jumped into all day meetings last week, straight into a mini staycation this weekend to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary!

The pics above are from this weekend, from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Padres vs. Giants game.  Even though it was a home game for the San Diego Padres, half the stadium was filled with Giants fans…like my brother and I.  Muahaha.
  2. Petco Park, watching the Giants kill the Padres 10-1.  Bam.
  3. View from the hotel we rented in downtown San Diego.  It’s pretty fun acting like a tourist in your own town, especially when you live in a tourist magnet.
  4. Lounging by the pool–the adult pool, separate from the family pool where kids are allowed.  The difference?  The family pool had murky water, filled with who-knows-what from kiddos while the women’s bathroom on the adult side reeked of weed.  Tough to pick a winner.
  5. What I wore to watch an impromptu comedy show, similar to Who’s Line is it Anyway?  Fun times!
And along the way, we ran into people that we knew three times through out the weekend.  I guess that’s what happens when you staycation in your own town.  
Normal outfit posts and blah blah blah should resume later this week!  
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