Spring Wardrobe: Staples for Bottoms and Dresses + Outfit Ideas

This is the third post in the Spring Wardrobe series!  So far we’ve covered 1) staples for tops HERE and 2) fun tops you can mix and match with the staples this season to freshen up your spring wardrobe HERE.

(BTW, some links for the staples post have been updated, like the vests and lace top, among others.)

Today I’m sharing my staples for bottoms and dresses.  These are the ones I’ve come back to spring after spring, and I probably couldn’t get through spring without them.

Jeans  //  Outfits HERE and HERE

Boyfriend Jeans  //  Outfits HERE

White Jeans  //  Outfits HERE

I own a very old pair from Old Navy and a pair from LOFT (Option 2), and with nude underwear I’ve never felt self-conscious about them being see through.  I can’t speak for the current Old Navy pairs, and there are several different kinds available and probably not all the same.  But, the Old Navy pair I have are very thick.

White Skirt  //  Outfit HERE

I always wear a nude slip underneath: THIS one from Target, but the older version by a brand they don’t sell anymore.  I like that the waistband is lace so that it doesn’t cut into my stomach stays smooth under all skirts and dresses.

I love how white jeans and white skirts brighten up outfits, which is why both of these are staples for me during the spring.

Black Maxi Dress  //  Outfit HERE

I own two of these, the black one and a blue printed one that’s not currently available.  Nordstrom stocks up on these in tons and tons and tons of colors and prints as spring and summer progress.  I love these dresses a whole lot, and they are comfortable and easy to wear with a denim or moto jacket in the spring.

Grey Jersey Dress  //  Outfit HERE

Striped Dress  //  Outfits HERE and HERE

Honorable Mention
These are two items I have several spring-appropriate outfits for.  But, despite wearing them plenty during the spring, I feel like I could live without them whereas I don’t feel I could make it through spring without the staples.

Olive Jeans  //  Outfits HERE

Grey Jeans  //  Outfits HERE

Later I’ll feature some more interesting pieces with color and print.  For now, what kinds of pieces would make your spring staples list as far as bottoms and dresses go?

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