Spring Wardrobe: Staples for Tops + Outfit Ideas

As spring weather approaches, for the next few weeks I’ll be posting items that will help you build a spring wardrobe.  I’ve found that I’m happiest with my wardrobe regarding both style and versatility/remixability when I have a mix of basics/staples + statement pieces / trendier or more “current” items.  (I haven’t counted the exact ratio of basics to statement/trendier pieces, but my guess would be like 60/40 or 70/30.)  With this kind of mix, I usually only have to add a few pieces each season to keep my wardrobe feeling fresh–unless I’m replacing staples, of course.

Today we’ll start with my spring staples for tops, meaning completer pieces and shirts.  In the next spring wardrobe post I’ll talk about the trendier tops you could add to mix up your wardrobe and keep it current.  We’ll do the same with bottoms, shoes, etc. over the next few weeks so that you can confidently build a spring wardrobe that you love and that you can utilize.

Spring Wardrobe Staples

Above are tops I have worn every spring for years.  YEARS!  I emphasize that in case you have thought about getting any of them but have wondered, “Buuuut, is it gonna be out of style next year?”  I have been asked that particularly about utility jackets and utility vests.  My take on them is that while some years they may get more attention than other years and seem really, really “in,” I don’t feel they ever go out of style.  Everything on this list is something I’ve continued to wear every year and something I now consider a staple in my closet!

Tan Faux Leather Jacket  //  Outfits HERE

Utility Vest  //  Outfits HERE

Utility Jacket  //  Outfits HERE

Denim Jacket  //  Outfits HERE

Striped Tee (Short Sleeved)  //  Outfits HERE

Striped Tee (Long Sleeved)  //  Outfits HERE

Grey Tee  //  Outfits HERE

  • Option 1 – my favorite for it being heathered and for how it drapes.  
  • Option 2  – crew neck, my favorite neckline because it pairs easily with any kind of necklace
  • Option 3 – similar to above from Target; not heathered
  • Option 4 – scoop neck
White Top With Lace  //  Outfits HERE  //  Outfits with lace tank HERE

Spring Wardrobe Staples
Honorable Mention
These items were so close to making my list of staples, but ultimately didn’t for a couple of reasons.  Either I used to wear them heavily for several springs but skipped a year or two, or I’ve worn them every spring, but just not as much as I’ve worn the items in the staples list.

Grey Cardigan  //  Outfits HERE
This particular one (oversized and thicker) is newer to my closet, and I haven’t had a spring with it.  However, before this one, I wore a standard thinner and shorter grey cardigan fairly regularly.  I wore this a TON during the winter, but with all the other completer piece options for spring above, time has yet to tell how much I’ll actually wear this grey cardigan in the spring..

Mustard Cardigan  //  Outfits HERE

I’ve had one of these in my closet for years, but I’ve gone in and out of how much I wear it during the spring.  This is one of the items where I skip it some springs but come back to it other springs.

I haven’t worn blazers as much over the last year or two, but I used to wear them quite often, especially before my role changed at work.  Now, I’d rather wear the other completer pieces in the staples list, but a blazer is very helpful to have when I need to step it up a little.

Navy Gingham  //  Outfits HERE
I still wear this in the spring, but it’s an honorable mention because I don’t exhaust this in the spring the way I exhaust the three tops in the staples list.  I exhaust this more in the fall and winter, but this particular one is lightweight enough to wear in the spring.

To see 8 outfits for spring with this navy gingham, click HERE.

White Tunic  //  Outfits HERE
I loooove this white tunic because it drapes really nicely, is easy to wear, and can be worn casually or dressed up a bit.  It didn’t make the staples list because, like the navy gingham top, I don’t exhaust this top in the spring, though I do wear it often.  I also don’t think I’ve had it long enough to consider it a staple.

Chambray Button Up  //  Outfits HERE
A chambray top is basically as versatile as jeans for your top half.  However, while I used to wear mine a good amount, I’ve hardly worn it at all over the last couple of years.  I think it’s great paired with colored jeans and skirts, or printed bottoms and printed skirts.  It’s also a great backdrop for a patterned scarf.

Even though I don’t wear mine much anymore, HERE are 7 outfits for spring with a chambray shirt!

Remember, these are just the foundational staples.  With these as a base, you can fill out the rest with interesting pieces that either show off your personality, add some color and life, and keep your wardrobe feeling fresh.  Stay tuned next week!

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