NOW AVAILABLE: The Spring BUSINESS CASUAL Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide!

NOW AVAILABLE: Spring Business Casual Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide

It’s finally here! You’ve been asking, so we’ve been working hard to make it happen.  The Spring Business Casual Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide is NOW AVAILABLE! ?

Starter Kit Wardrobe Guides were created for those who need to build wardrobes from scratch.  We’ve got them for every season for casual styles, but today we’re launching the FIRST guide for Business Casual to help you feel amazing at work!


The Spring Business Casual Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide was created to help women who need to build work wardrobes from scratch.  It will help you take the first steps towards building a new Business Casual Spring wardrobe that’s versatile, remixable, and effortlessly offers endless outfit combinations.

Rather than being overwhelmed trying to build a full wardrobe from scratch all at once, this guide will help you build a Starter Kit Wardrobe. A Starter Kit Wardrobe is a smaller collection of strategically chosen pieces that will work for you now and set you up to expand to a fuller wardrobe in the future. This way, you can rebuild your wardrobe slowly, in doable, bite-sized portions!



There is a broad spectrum of what Business Casual means.  For some environments, jeans are okay while in others, jeans are not acceptable.  Some are more formal, closer to business professional style but not quite.  Below is a spectrum of three levels of Business Casual style, going from more relaxed to more formal.

The outfits in the Starter Kit Guide are mostly for Level 2, though it will teach you to make the outfits more relaxed or more corporate.  It will also help you build sections for Level 1 (relaxed) and Level 3 (elevated) attire.



  • List of clothes and accessories to get a business casual wardrobe started for the current season
  • Shopping links to exact or similar pieces
  • Guidance for building Relaxed Business Casual, Business Casual, and Elevated Business Casual sections of your wardrobe
  • 30+ Outfit Ideas
  • Style Tips to teach you how to put together the outfits

It’ll help you focus, feel fantastic with just a few pieces, and plant seeds for a great mix-and-match wardrobe later.  YAYYYY, so glad to finally have this resource for you!  Hope it helps!

Ready for getting dressed for work to be easy?  Get your Spring Business Casual Starter Kit Guide HERE!

NOW AVAILABLE: Business Casual Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide



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