Spring Capsule Wardrobe for 2019 + 15% Off Nickel & Suede!

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2019

Spring clothes!!! ?  We’re having an amazingly warm week, and I don’t know if it’ll last, but a girl can hope!  Today I’m sharing with you the spring capsule wardrobe list we are using for the Spring 2019 ChallengeIf you want this collection turned into 48 outfits, consider joining the challenge!

This will be the very LAST PMT Challenge.  And lemme tell ya, it’s GORGEOUS!  I’ve been staring at it for weeks remarking to my team how pretty this thing is!

BTW, regarding this being the last challenge, I will continue to create Outfit Guides (capsule wardrobe + outfits) in the future.  They just won’t have the time sensitivity that challenges have with a fixed start date and program to follow, and they may not come out every single season.  🙂

Here’s this year’s spring capsule wardrobe!  Shop these items through the links below.  Or, if you want even MORE options for similar versions of these items, including plus, petite, and tall sizes, join the Spring 2019 Challenge!

Most items linked are the exact, but if a similar item is linked instead, it’s because the original is no longer available.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2019

Shop the Items:

Printed Neutral Top / Printed Colored Top #1 / Printed Colored Top #2 / Striped Tee
 Printed Neutral Tee /Solid Colored Top / Solid Colored Sweater / Solid Colored Tee
White Top / Solid Neutral TopUtility Jacket / Denim Jacket / Colored Completer Piece #1
Colored Completer #2 / Neutral Completer (dark) / Neutral Completer (light)
Printed Colored Dress / Printed or Solid Neutral Dress / Jeans  / Black Jeans / White Jeans
Olive Jeans / Bootcut Jeans/ Printed Skirt  / Solid Colored Skirt /
Metallic Statement Necklace Fringe / Statement Necklace Medallion / Long Pendant Necklace
Tan Cutout Earrings / Champagne Earrings / White Earrings / Tan Watch / Gold Gem Earrings
Printed Black & White Earrings / Nude Flats / Colored Flats Yellow and Red
White Sneakers / Leopard Print Flats / Wedges or Heels / Booties

Click HERE!


Nickel & Suede Lightweight Leather Statement Earrings

Nickel & Suede 15% off Though March!

We love Nickel & Suede, and they love us! In light of the PMT Spring 2019 Challenge opening, N&S is giving us a special 15% off code!

Would be VERY grateful if you shopped through my affiliate link HERE or any link below or on the blog. ??Use code PMT15OFF through the end of March! Excludes Earring of the Month.

If you don’t know about these earrings, they are SO lightweight and COMFORTABLE! Yes, you get to wear statement earrings without hurting your ears! The quality on these is far and above the cheaper leather earrings as well.

They come in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. I wear size M in almost all of them. These are the earring you see me wear in EVERY picture. Shop them ad get 15% off:

Read more about them in my Most Used, Most Versatile Accessories post.


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