Spring 2019 Challenge GIVEAWAY + Important Announcement!

Hi everyone, I’ve got a couple of announcements for you today!

Spring 2019 Challenge Dates!

First, registration for the Spring 2019 Challenge opens THIS WEDNESDAY March 13th, and the challenge will begin April 1st!  You’ll have from March 13th to March 31st to put together your wardrobe for the challenge.

These challenges show you a 30-something piece capsule wardrobe for the season, then style them into 48-60+ outfits!  Read more about PMT Challenges HERE.


Second Announcement: This is the LAST Challenge! ?

Yes, friends.  This is bittersweet, but the Spring 2019 Challenge will be the last PMT Challenge!

We’ve been doing these challenges for over two years.  They have been AMAZING, impacted hundreds of women, and they’ve been a highlight of my 8 years of blogging.  I am so, SO, SO grateful for every person who’s participated in a challenge in the past.

I’ve given a lengthier explanation to everyone who has done a past PMT Challenge (check your email if you are past PMT Challenger and missed it).  Here, I’ll give the shorter version.  Simply put, the reason I won’t be focusing on these anymore is to make room to create more resources!

The good news, though?  I will still be creating Outfit Guides as one of these resources!  Meaning, a capsule wardrobe with tons of outfit ideas will continue to come out.  On the face, the PDF will look similar to the PDFs from challenges.  But behind the scenes and in intangible ways for participants, they are different, which I explained in-depth to all past challengers.

In addition to Outfit Guides, there will be more resources coming down the pipe that I am VERY excited for.  I feel they will serve groups of people at different starting places much better!

If you’ve wanted to participate in the excitement of a challenge, this is your last chance!  Join us for the final hurrah in a few weeks!  And, enter the giveaway below to try and win a free membership!

GIVEAWAY – 5 Free Memberships

I’m giving away 5 free memberships!  Fill out the widget below to enter.  Winners will be chosen

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Need a Simpler Capsule?  Less Clothes?  More Foundational?
Try a Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide!

If you’re looking for something simpler than a PMT Challenge, check out a Starter Kit Wardrobe Guide!  These offer more compact capsule wardrobes of 9-15 pieces that turn into 9 to 30+ outfits.  SUPER versatile, and better for those that don’t need to get dressed up everyday.  Check them out HERE.

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