Striped sweater: Old Navy  |  Top: Target  |  Jeggings: NY&Co.  |  Shoes: (won w/ giftcard)  |  Navy jacket: H&M

Besides not having to worry about getting caught by the neighbors, I’m liking the indoor pics because the colors come out more accurate.  Enough picture talk, though.  Hardly the point of this blog!
I feel kinda smart and preppy in this outfit.  I’m not much for layering an unopened sweater (like, non-cardigan type thing) over a button-up.  I’ve tried it before but never made it out of the house because I felt like I had to tug and pull everything back into its neat little place if I ever moved.  (Is that not true for the rest of you?  How do you do it?  Tell me your secrets!)  This sweater isn’t as fit so it worked well for layering.  Pairing it with a button down denim shirt and topping it off with oxfords was a great way to go about a rainy day earlier this week.  
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