Six Dolla Holla

As if I needed another striped tee, I scored this one for $6 at Old Navy.  I had no idea it was $6.  I was gonna pay full price and take it home to figure out if I really liked it that much or if it’d go back to the store.  When the cashier rang me up and told me my total I was all sorts of confused and all sorts of excited.  I didn’t even bother asking why it was so cheap, I just took it and ran before they realized they had possibly made a mistake!  There’s my integrity for ya.  And nope, there was no mistake.  It’s just a super comfy, relaxed, 3/4 sleeve striped tee that doesn’t shrink if air dried (hooray!) for $6.  Bam.  I accept “thank you’s” in the form of cupcakes and most other baked goods.
Have a great weekend!  
P.S. If mint jeans aren’t your thing, this outfit will look super duper crisp with white jeans.  
P.P.S. Thanks for all of your responses so far on the reader survey.  I’ll recap it all later, but here’s my question for now–a lot of you want me to post outfits MORE OFTEN.  Like, on weekends.  You would read them on the weekends too?!

Shop for the Look:
Tee: Old Navy (exact, for more options see here)
Navy Blazer: H&M (similar–Target, similar–ponte, similar–sale sizes 10+)
Jeans: Target (similar, similar — both are from Target, different fits/cuts/rises)
Shoes: Target (exact)
Necklace: similar

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