Simple Makeup Organization

Okay, here’s the deal.  I’ve seen really cool makeup organization videos from women who have huge makeup collections stored in a large vanity with drawers, cubbies, shelves, and all else that is an organizer’s dream.
I enjoy makeup, and I wear it everyday, but I am far from anything like a makeup artist and I definitely don’t have space for a huge vanity.  I own one piece of Mac makeup, and it’s because my sister gave it to me. Nonetheless, I still want to keep my makeup orderly and easily accessible.  So here’s where I get ready everyday:

 Makeup sits on top of a tall dresser.
Lighted mirror w/ 5x magnification on other side – Costco $20
My general rule of thumb: try to avoid the 5x side.  Not a pretty sight.
Flat, black rectangle is an 88 color shadow palette.  Cost effective way to experiment.
Makeup compartmentalized in a pencil tray – Target $4
From left to right…
Back row: eye shadow, fake eyelashes…never been used, haha
Middle row: eye shadow, powder, blushes, bronzer, etc.
Front row: q-tips & other applicators, lotion, primers & foundation, mascara & lip gloss

Brushes and pencils stored in tin can – Michael’s $2

Can filled with bean bag / stuffed animal filler beads – Michael’s $7
You crafty people probably have a more legit term for what those beads are called.  🙂  I love them because they’re smooth and don’t scratch the brushes but they hold them upright for easy access! 
A second can of less used brushes sits across the way.
This is an inexpensive way to keep makeup organized for easy access.  It makes my mornings a lot simpler rather than having everything thrown into a drawer for me to fish through!
Thanks for touring my little makeup station!  Anyone else have one they wanna share?
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