Shoptagr: Your Personalized Sale-Watching BFF & $100 Visa Giveaway!

Have you ever fallen in love with an item but WISHED it was on sale?  Sometimes you luck out and happen to be at the sale rack at just the right time, while others of you are die-hard fans of items and stalk things until they go on sale.  Or maybe you’re like me…lazy…and all of that feels like way too much effort.

No matter what kind of sale-hunter (or sale-avoider) you are, I want to introduce you to a brand new service called Shoptagr.  It’s a site that does all of your sale-stalking for you!  You tag the exact item IN YOUR SIZE and Shoptagr emails you if it goes on sale.  How sweet is that?  Instead of spending your time and energy combing through sale racks or obsessively waiting and checking for your favorite things to go on sale, you can focus on more important things in your life while Shoptagr does all the work for you!

Earn Up to $120 in Gift Cards
Shoptagr goes live March 31st, and is a totally FREE service.  No, wait, it’s BETTER THAN FREE because right now it’s in its pre-launch stage which means you can earn up to $120 in gift cards when your friends sign up as well!  Yep, really!  Earn gift cards to stores like Asos, Topshop, and Net-a-Porter.  Sooooo, Shoptagr will take a load off of you by watching sales for you AND allow you to earn gift cards doing it?  Okay, if that’s not an amazing deal for you, I don’t know what is.

Oh, wait again.  It gets even better.  
As if earning free gift cards and having a personalized sale-watching BFF aren’t enticing enough for you to sign up, Shoptagr is also giving you a chance to win $100 Visa for doing it!  We were originally gonna do a Target card, because obviously you guys love Tarjay, but a Visa card can get you all your Tarjay goodies and beyond.  So, sign up for your new BFF Shoptagr, earn some gift cards, and enter to win $100!
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