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First, if you’re on Bloglovin’ yesterday’s business casual outfit post didn’t show up.  Again.  Kinda frustrating, but it is what it is.  Catch it here:

I was browsing Target’s clothing earlier this week, which is something I haven’t done in a while.  Okay, well, a couple of weeks, but that’s “a while” for me!  I don’t know about you, but when I’m at Target’s clothing section often I get spoiled and bored seeing the same things.  (Well, that’s probably true for any store one frequents.)  Not my favorite associations with Target.  So sometimes I try to restrain myself from looking at the clothing section just so I can be really excited when they put new stuff out.  Since it had been a while this time, I was having fun looking at the stuff that’s out!

I picked up 3 things, none of which are online right now.  Bummer!  But I saw a bunch of other stuff in the process too.  Here they are below:

Many of them come in different prints and colors and petites and plus.
Options 1 & 2 – Great options for office or weekends.  These come in 4 different prints, including the two shown above, a green one, and animal print.  They are easy for the weekend paired with jeans of any cut (preferably straight or skinny) and colored flats.  Or a blazer or tucked into a skirt for an office.  
Option 3 – Comes in 5 colors, some solids some other prints.  I really like it in the darker floral print too.  Easy peasy option to look cute without having to think much about it!
Option 4 –  My beloved lace tank!  I have it in white and black and have absolutely no regrets.  I can’t believe it’s STILL in store, which maybe I should believe because it’s THAT awesome.  Warning: these do run short.  For reference, I’m 5’6″ but I have a short torso.  Perfect for me, but maybe not if you have a longer (or even a normal) torso.
Option 5 – Comes in maroon too.  The metallic detail is a nice touch!  Great under a blazer or a cardigan.  Can be paired with jeans or tucked into a pleated a-line skirt for a party or a pencil skirt for an office.
Option 6 – I’m not sure about the material on this top.  But I like the idea of it a lot.  Cute, subtle print, in a fun color.  Can’t go wrong with that.
Option 7 – Oxford blazer that comes in 7 colors!  I really like the sort of rounded bottom and seaming around the bust.  A one-button blazer might be better for those of us with smaller chests (according to Stacy and Clinton, at least) so if you’re bustier this might not be the best option.  
Option 8 – I remember a couple of years ago looking ALL OVER for an affordable striped blazer, and now there’s a lot of options.  This is a great one!  I like that it’s not quite white and black, but the contrast is a little more subdued appearing more like grey.  

If you’ve got any leads to other great items floating around right now (from any store, not just Target) please share!

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