Shopping Help: Spring in Your Step

I know some of you still can’t feel it, but it’s time to spring into…well, SPRING!  
There are about a billion things I love about spring, among them being strappy sandals and colorful flats.  Bring it on!
I created this roundup a week and a half ago, believe it or not, but since then there are now a ton of new shoes that aren’t even in here.  Sooooo, there may be a part two in the future.  We’ll see.  For now, here are just some of the cute shoes out at Target and Old Navy. 
Shoes that come in multiple colors indicated with asterisk* below.

Links to Shop:

one*  |  two*  |  three*
four*  |  five  |  six*
seven  |  eight*  |  nine
ten*  |  eleven  |  twelve*

Row 1:
Three pairs of shoes I love a lot look like options 1, 2, and 3.  All in tan.  Check out these affordable options!
Row 2: 

Option 4 – These sandals were the hotness last year, but I was sad to miss out because people freaked me out about my foot size potentially changing permanently post pregnancy.  (That did not happen, thank God…so all my shoes still fit!)  Anyway, they’re back in stock so I didn’t even blink before I ordered.
I normally wear 8.5 to 9 and got these in 9.
Option 5 – Looks like fringe is in this season.  Add just a tiny bit with a cute sandal! 
Option 6 – Another one of my most worn shoes.  I want the coral one!
Row 3:
Printed sneaks are adorable and are popping up more and more and more.  Or, try an espadrille like option 8!
Row 4:

Option 10 comes in a ton of different several patterns, including a pink polka dot and a bold stripe.
Option 11 is JUST STRAIGHT UP CUTE.  If I didn’t already have a pair of striped flats, I’d be all over this.

What kinds of shoes are you looking forward to wearing this spring?

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