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Oh to the em gee.  When I bought my reversible tote (thanks so much for the, Fran!) I had no idea they’d be a thing.  Well apparently they are!  Can’t blame ’em.  You basically get two totes in one.  I mean, who wouldn’t be into that?    And there are about a billion versions of reversible totes that come in all different color combos.  Like a red/peach one, blush/blue, blue/mint, or even ikat/tan–BIG HEARTS all the way.  
Also, I know many of you don’t like that the Nordstrom tote doesn’t have pockets, but #11 has one pocket, while #5 and #10 have a large dividing pouch for organizational help.  
These are mostly from Target (!!!), with a couple from Nordstrom and Forever 21.  I’m kind of glad I didn’t have all these choices when I bought my tote because I wouldn’t have known what to do with myself!  But even now, I think the red/peach one might be calling my name…YIKES!  Gonna have to think hard about that one.
Options 3 and 8 come in multiple colors.  Actually, #3 comes in an impressive EIGHT colors.  Yellow, mint, peach, grey, pink, you name it.  Option 6 is the only one that is not reversible, but I included it because it is similar to the Madewell and Nordstrom totes, but a little taller which some of you might like.  
*Edit: Lastly, these super super super cute Old Navy totes in tan/peach, mint/navy, and black/red.  How did I miss these initially?!
Uhh, I don’t know if this post was helpful or harmful given that this is a tough decision if you are looking for a reversible tote.  So many good ones!
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