Shopping Help: Plain and Playful Spring Pieces v2 – Tops

Last week after posting Plain & Playful Spring Pieces I was asked about spring tops.  I stayed away from them in the first post because there are so stinking many, but it sounded like a great idea for a follow-up post that’s all about tops.  So that’s what we’ve got going on today!
Like I said, there are soooo many types of tops, so I categorized them by types of tops: tees, classic button ups, etc.  Also, in my search it was hard to limit things to just “Plain” and “Playful” because there are so many vibrant tops out right now.  I added the column “Pop” to show off some of the busier or more colorful pieces too.  (Playful and Pop can sometimes be interchangeable, but oh well.  The point is to showcase a few more of the fun pieces out there.)

BTW, a ton of these are on sale–particularly the J.Crew / J.Crew Factory and LOFT ones!

Tees – Striped Navy White (ModCloth)  |  Pink Stripes (J.Crew Factory)  |  Trellis Floral Tee (J.Crew!)
Instead of a plain cotton tee, try one of these!  The navy and white striped one has a great silhouette that makes it nicer than your regular ol’ tee.  It also has really cute button details at the sleeves!

Or, try a white cotton tee with pink stripes for something casual but a little more playful.

If you want to make your outfit pop even more, try this great trellis floral tee from J.Crew!  (Found it courtesy of Anne’s blog today.)  I LOVE that you get the comfort of a regular cotton tee but with a fun and fresh pattern!  It’ll look great with jeans, or better yet–white jeans!

Classic Button Ups – White Swiss Dot (LOFT)  |  Mint Sunwashed (LOFT)  |  Polka Dot (LOFT)
Instead of a standard white button up, the white one above has a cute swiss dot texture all over (gotta go to LOFT’s site to see a closeup) and detailed pleats at the bust.

If you want to go up a notch more, try a mint one!  I don’t know if mint is coming back this spring, but I’ve definitely been back on the mint train lately.

You can get a little busier with a polka dot button up, or better yet…this springy floral button up that didn’t make it to the collage!

Blouses – Navy (Target)  |  Cherries Peplum Top (ModCloth)  |  Pink Dots (Target)
A standard navy blouse is a great basic to have.  You can wear an unlimited number of necklaces or scarves with it, and it easily pairs with white or colored jeans or can be tucked into any skirt.

If you want to have a little more fun, try one with a fun print like the navy one with a cute cherry pattern.  It’s still a neutral palette but has a playful print.  How cute would it be with red flats?

Or make things pop with a blouse in a bright color, like the pink one with dots!  This will also be great with white, grey, or standard blue jeans or can be tucked into a skirt for a cute, flirty silhouette.  You can also wear it with a pencil skirt for work!

Tunics – Yellow (H&M)  |  Coral Madrid Ya Look Top (ModCloth)  |  Mint Geometric Top (ModCloth)
I love breezy tunics for the spring,  Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant?  Or perhaps it’s actually a thing…no idea since I haven’t been following trends well this year.  Oops!  ANYWAY, a solid colored tunic is a great go-to to have in your closet, but even on the “plain” side, why not let it be a springy color?

For a “playful” tunic, I chose this beautiful coral one from ModCloth.  It’s soooo fresh, and will scream spring/summer with white jeans!  I can also picture it with a casual skirt and a denim jacket.  Or under a blazer with trouser jeans for an office.

For a bit louder of a top, I love the mint diamond/zig-zag top, also from ModCloth.  The pattern is bold and fun, but the mint tones it down so that the top’s not screaming at you.  It’d be great with jeans, either standard blue or white (AGAIN!  I love white jeans in the spring!)  And it’d be adorable with a navy skirt of any silhouette.

Popovers – Navy (Target)  |  Teal Dots (ModCloth)  |  Garden Top (ModCloth)
Lastly, similar to tunics, I’m loving popovers for this spring.  I have the navy one above (but in black), and I looooove it.  Super comfy!

The teal dotted one is a fantastic next step.  Teal is a fun color, but it’s not too in-your-face, and the little dots give it some more character.  This would be adorable with red flats as well!

I don’t know if the Garden Top really counts as POP, but it’s a busier pattern and oh-so-versatile, so I had to show it.  Pair it with a green, mustard, navy, or teal cardigan–any color, really.  And it’s another top that you can pair with jeans or a skirt of any silhouette.  Great piece to have in your closet!

Which type of top do you lean towards–tees, tunics, button-ups, etc.–or maybe something else altogether?  

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