Shopping Help: Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale – Up to 40% Off!

Did you hear?  Nordstrom launched their half-yearly sale yesterday, which means a bunch of items are up to 40% off!
I found some REALLY cute items that I would consider spring and summer add-ons (those pieces that will spice up your wardrobe when added onto basics).  And even better news?  They’re all under $40!  Many of which are under $25!  And one that’s even under $13!  
Those with a star next to them come in other colors and patterns.
Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three*  |  four
five*  |  six  |  seven |  eight
nine*  |  ten  |  eleven  |  twelve*  |  thirteen  |  fourteen
fifteen*  |  sixteen*  |  seventeen  |  eighteen

Notes Under $30:

The blazers (Options 1 and 4) are those drapey kinds that would probably feel super comfortable and not bulky on you, like we talked about earlier this week.

Option 6 looks sooooooo comfy!  I also love both green tops shown!  They would be so cute with white shorts or white jeans, and also great dressed up tucked into skirts like some of the ones below.

Notes for Under $40:

Those maxi dresses have FANTASTIC reviews.  The solid ones (options 9 and 12) also come in cobalt blue and a really pretty bright jade.  Those two plus the coral and black–all the colors are SO GOOD!  The black version reminds me of the black maxi I own (see HERE).  But I also love the two patterned ones shown.  So cute with a denim jacket, colored cardigans, or by themselves on a warmer day!

Skirts are the bomb dot com for spring.  These are all super pretty!

Option 13 is an awesome piece to have in your closet that will be super duper versatile.  Trust me on that one.  😉

Option 14 is a really cute for day or going out.  A lot of cute extra details that aren’t frilly.  Also comes in black!

Happy hunting!

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