Shopping Help: Neutral Spring and Summer Shoes

Sometimes thinking about freshening up my wardrobe for spring can be a bit of a bummer while pregnant for several reasons.  Besides not being able to wear the same shapes as I used to, there’s that whole thing about not wanting to spend money to very, very, very temporarily update my wardrobe in any significant way.

In the middle of lamenting over what I couldn’t wear, I remembered that I could easily update past pieces and past looks with some fresh accessories–and those are things that will carry over post pregnancy.  So, I’ve been looking into updating my shoes, bags, and necklaces.

All of these are from Target, Macy’s, and Forever 21.  I have personally tried most of the Target ones shown here, which is why they’re on the list.  More on them below!

Flat Sandals

Option 1 – Cute two-toned flat sandals.  It comes in this black/brown as well as metallic, and a fun colorful pattern.  I tried this very similar (but not exact) single-toned version and like them a lot!  Considering keeping them, but these two-toned ones are a contender.

Option 2Sam & Libby for Target.  Currently on sale and come in black.  I’m also considering keeping these.  They’re pretty comfy as the foot bed has a tiny bit of padding–not always the case with Target sandals!

Option 3 – These are also Sam & Libby, come in black, and are pretty comfy.  However, against my darker skin they look a little weird.  Okay, not weird…but not preferred for me.  They’d be a great nude shoe for someone with lighter skin.


Option 4I LOOOOOOVE these.  Chinese Laundry, and on sale right now!  The cutout detailing is CUTE, and the wedge itself is sleek and minimal but fresh.

Option 5 This is a slightly cheaper Target version of Option 4, but without the cutout details.  Also on sale.  I originally wanted Option 4 but was a little out of my price range, so I ordered this pair.  However, Option 4 is on sale now so I’m torn!  The Target ones are pretty comfy, but I love that cutout detailing in Option 4.  Decisions, decisions!

Option 6 Comes in tan also.  I tried these on in store and was surprised by how much I liked them!  They were really easy to walk in and somehow managed to NOT cut off my leg line.

Stacked Heels (+ Pizzaz)

Option 7Fun, snakeskin, two-toned, stacked heel that’s not too high.  Don’t be intimidated by it!  It can almost serve as a neutral but will add a cute flair to your outfit.

Option 8Ditto for this one on the “don’t be intimidated” note.  This shoe can kick up any of your normal outfits.  Like,  jeans and a plain v-neck tee instantly get some oomph when you pair it with this shoe!

Option 9 – Another great option, and from Target!  This gives some live to a black open toe heel.


Option 10 – Give a little more personality to a white flat with these laser cut Forever 21 flats!  Adorable way to do a neutral shoe.  Very, very easy to wear without being boring.

Option 11 I’m in love with these striped flats from Forever 21!  I haven’t been able to try them on in-store, but I would love to get my hands on them!

What kinds of neutral shoes are you going for this season? 

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