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Are you ready for maxi dress OVERLOAD?  It was hard to resist…spring and summer begs for maxi dresses, and there are so many great options out right now!  
Solid Jersey Dresses
I LOVE these kinds of dresses.  I also call them “pajama dresses” because they feel like you’re wearing pajamas.  You can wear these anytime, of course, but I especially love them when I have really long days during which I need to be active.  However, I also think of these when I think of going on vacation.  Totally laid back, simple, and casual, but they can be dressed up with bolder jewelry and strappy wedges.

Option 1 (Target) – Comes in 4 different colors.
Option 2 (ModCloth) – I love this one, but it’s a little expensive.  I think it also comes in a bright red and black.  
Option 3 (Target) – I wanted to show one with sleeves too.  Also comes in 4 colors.
Option 4 (Forever 21) – This is less than $9!  Comes in 3 colors.  

Because…duh.  <3
Option 5 (Gap) – Adorable, isn’t it?!  I love those pockets!
Option 6 (Forever 21) – This is less than $11 and comes in 4 different stripey colors, including an adorable coral/royal blue or pink/white.  I’d belt it for more definition.  Or pair it with white sneakers, a denim jacket, a pendant necklace, and a baseball cap for the weekend.  If I could pull off that style I totally would with this dress!
Option 7 (JCPenney) – A great neutral striped dress that’s not black/white.  I like the pleating detail at the neckline.  
Option 8 (Target) – Option with sleeves.

There are really fun printed maxi dresses out there!  These are fun, colorful, and know how to make a statement.  Last year I hunted for a printed maxi that I could wear to showers and other similar parties that toggled the line between casual and slightly dressed up, but not TOO dressed up.  I think most of these printed dresses fit the bill.  
Option 9 (Dillard’s) – Colored blocked chevron–sooooo cute!  If it weren’t for being pregnant I’d probably wanna take this one on our Maui babymoon with me.  But then if I wasn’t pregnant we wouldn’t be going on a Maui babymoon…
Option 10 (Amazon) – Really pretty!  I could see this dressed down or paired with heels for a bit nicer of an event.  
Option 11 (Forever 21) – Great, affordable tribal print maxi for spring and summer.
Option 12 (JCPenney) – Fun print that feels a little more sophisticated, yet laid-back at the same time.  It’d look really fresh with a white blazer, but fantastic outdoors with a straw fedora.

And of course, florals!  
Option 13 (Forever 21) – I love the big flowers.  The flounce at the bust would be great for anyone looking to fill out their top half.  🙂
Option 14 (Old Navy) – Comes in a white/light blue too.  I felt this in store for all of .001 seconds as I quickly walked by.  The material seemed really light (don’t quote me on that, though), and the website says it’s fully lined. 
Option 15 (Forever 21) – A colorful floral maxi that allows you to have a TON of mix and match options.
Option 16 (JCPenney) – I’m always unimpressed with this one until I look at it zoomed in.  For some reason I really like that the flowers are pointy, almost like leaves.  And I like the sweetheart neckline and thickness of the straps.  It looks like it provides really good shape, though I haven’t actually tried it in person to know for sure.  

Which kind of maxi dress would you add to your wardrobe next?

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